A Fairy Tale.

"Page and her husband just bought Stephanie and Christian a house in Provo, in the tree-lined foothills where Stephanie grew up. There's a view of the mountains she loved, which fall is painting red and orange as Stephanie sleeps. The house is in the center of her family: just a half-mile from Courtney, Page and their parents. Lucy is eight minutes away. There's a white picket fence on the side, an apple tree in front, peaches and plums in the back. The eastern fence is covered in grapevines. ..." Stephanie, Christian, their kids and most of all, Stephanie's sisters continue to inspire me because of the strength they find in each other in the face of a tragedy. To read the full article, click here.

~ Photo courtesy of Denae via cjane.
.. also here and one of my many, many favorite posts of Stephanie's - this, and you will see why.