Jennifer Ramos' Gorgeous Abode.

Jennifer Ramos is the designer of MadeByGirl. I love her home! Full of personality.

{bridesmaids' proposals}

envelope pocket love by enJOY it.

I ♥ you more than ...

I'm not being mushy but I'm just so intrigued by this site.

Happy organised spaces!

My room is totally neat & tidy from the looks of it (thanks mom!) but pls, its SO SO disorganized. I'm just a mess really. I've been wanting to re-arrange my work desk and everything inside my wardrobe for the longest time but being the procrastinator that I am, I never get down to it. Of course, these organized spaces are just totally out of this world and I wish I knew magic!

{images via cocokelly /office of Ruby Press}

{via decorology / images owned by Annie Schletcher}


With slightly less than 6 months away, I am in a panic state most of the time. Last night after work, as usual, I was indulging in my creative pursuits online. I meddled & edited our existing inspiration board (for the ceremony) as I never felt too pleased with it & voila! this is something i'm really happy with! tell me what you think, gals!

{credits: top left - bridesmaids bouquets via raeley tham, bridal gown via southern weddings, bouquet with red roses via saipua, ring bowl via paloma's nest, church and gold plates via snippet & ink inspiration board, programme booklet via just ink of paper, invites via wiley valentine, colorful bridesmaids via {lost credit-pls let me know}, bridesmaids with black dresses via snippet & ink, paigeboys and flower girls via elizabeth ann designs, pews via the knot, orchid bouts and programme holder via martha stewart weddings}


I'm lovin this. The design seems like a mixture of art deco and moroccan/indian. Since we are going a little indian with the bhangra and outfits, I'm thinkin this card will be perfect. Oh man, you guys in the States have so many choices, and I'm envious!

{birthday is over! finally can live in anonymity again}

It's hilarious, I know some people simply adore the attention showered on them on their birthdays but I dun. I hate cutting cakes & birthday songs. I had a good entire day with my fiance (sans the cake and gross song). He got me a COACH wallet! *shriek!* he's the best!

{The color of wallet is gorgeous and this picture just does not do it justice}

Lighter Shade of Brown.

Lovin' these shades. Lighter tones of the autumn palette I have in mind.

I have a huge d-i-y project underway. Bought orange paper bags (my wedding color/autumn palette), huge triangular ruler, penknife, colored papers over the weekend. Hopefully somethin nice will be churned out for my bridesmaids. & these cards are just fabulous.

{via Linda & Harriet}

This is SO hilarious. This chart shows the virginity rates among students by major. 0% of studio arts students are virgins. Virginity rates of Spanish majors are lower than English and French majors and the geeks get laid the least in college. { via Smitten} ....
PS. It's a good day, I just feel so giggly. My very nice colleagues got me some Zara vouchers for my birthday on the 24/3.

Where do i fit?

What City Should You Live In?

You should live in New York City. America's largest city will ensure that you will blend into the crowd. You are the brooding type--introspective, creative, and eccentric--and NYC's cutting-edge, individualistic culture and ambience will appeal to you.

Find Your Character @

I Want a GOCCO!!!

... to make these!

{images via the SCOOP}

I doubt they hv it here in Singapore and shipping is 300 bucks!

6 more months.

Shit. And I've still yet to make decisions!

{via Putting the R in MRS}


I'm loving yellow/orange and this inspiration board. It just reminds me of Sevilla {think: orange trees} and its G's fav color.

And.. how perfect does paloma's nest's ring bowl looks with the rings. I can't wait! I love the rings on the bottom left of the board too! LOL

{the long awaited parcel}

Finally! i got my ring bowl from Paloma's Nest delivered to my doorstep thanks to my best friend who lives in Texas. For some reason, I felt a slight tinge of disappointment 'cos it was tinier than expected. But my bad for not reading the text in here properly (i was TOO excited!) I do not know how to work around this but will figure it out 'cos I STILL wanna use it.

{Above: Me and my package}

It's my best friend's birthday tomorrow. We've been living in 2 ends of the earth for the past 7 years (oh my god! has it been THAT long!?) and I can't believe we've been in touch and still think of the good times we've had together. Next holiday destination ----> AUSTIN, TEXAS!

*Yippedey Dough-Dah!*

Pretty pleased today following news of a decent sum of performance bonus. Extra dough is always good 'cos then, we can all get stunning dresses like these!
{all via NORDSTROM}

I feel like this right now ...

Yvette Inufio.

Yes, it's the beginning of another week. For me, it's back to the grind and deadlines. However, I hope all of you have a great week ahead and i leave you with a very gorgeous girl from yvette inufio.
“I have looked into your eyes with my eyes. I have put my heart near your heart.”~ Pope John XXIII

{my kind of parties}

i can't wait to move into my own place so that i can throw alot of such parties and have people over. i had envisioned a baby shower much like the one below when i was trying to plan for one for my future sister-in-law but it turned out ... well, different. for now, i'l indulge in these photos and marvel at how creative the friends of the couple are! Lucky people!

{ via a thoughtful day}

Plant creations.

I happen to chance upon these elsa mora floral fairies and i am just so intrigued. How could anyone come up with these!? These are real flowers/petals, mind you.

{dusty pink glam}

I'm kinda loving this color palette & all the details that come with it. Glamourous yet very subtle. I need to decide! 6-ish more months!

{All images from here}

{Treated like royalty}

alhambra is magical. i never got it out of my mind since i visited 5 years ago. This board is inspired by the moorish palace.
{top left to right: via, studiothisis and source unknown. bottom left to right: via my marrakech, and my marrakech}

{bali oh bali}

Can't get over this. I wonder if this can be re-created here. *dream*

{thanks blushing joy}

{Au Naturel}

... with the finest materials provided by mother nature.

An organic wedding inspiration.

{credits are written in the board itself, drop me a note if its too small and i'll re-do 'em}

{Wedding Planner Blog}

I stumbled upon *weddingsbyzoelingard and what delightful images!