Bridesmaid Colors.

From this ...
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To this ... via {}

Espresso ~ Garnet ~ Persimmon ~ Cafe au lait

Would they like these choices? *cross fingers and toes*

Wow! What an amazing backdrop!

I wanna get married here!

Dazzling Tara and Micah's Spring Wedding.

... along the lines of our orange/red/moroccan/indian-ish wedding, check out Tara and Micah's @ Style Me Pretty.

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Jolly Good.

It's not too bad now, a tad focused as compared to a week ago. We have decided on the color palette (warm autumn shades it is!). As a result of G's preference for a little more brown & orange when he saw Board I, I came up with Board II (with subtle changes) hoping for a sevilla-moorish feel.

{Board I}
{Board II} {Images: bhangra dancers via idotpbasedotcom; beaufort @ night via slhdotcom; invites by smock paper; idian flower via harmonie-interieure; brown favor boxes brandi & steve via the bride's cafe; bridal gown by romona keveza; bridesmaids via snippet & ink; moroccan boxes hemali steven joe via bride and bloom; orange bout {source unknown}; orange bouquet - bottom right, board II emma and jed via the bride's cafe; orange bouquet top row of board II via the knot; candle display via emmas designblog; middle row left orange/red/green mums via artfool; table setting with red flower display via artfool.}


Just last night, I was trying to explain to G how bleah and unfulfilled I'm feeling and while explaining, I myself was trying to figure out what I really want to do. This explains why I have changed a number of jobs as well. I have so many interests eg. typography/graphic design/drawing/interior decorating/dealing with people and so on. I think Whitney pretty much sums up what I really am feeling and thinking. "... I struggled with what my true single calling was. I leaned toward Design school but was not too shabby in my science courses ... Post college, I have friends who have their charted path: law school, med school, graphic designer, the banking world...but I've never seemed to find my single direction ... ... In normal life, one's supposed to go college, receive a degree, pursue a job or advanced degree, maneuver their life through the career they've chosen and retire at the appropriate age, in just enough time to do all the other things they were interested when they were young. Whoa, why the wait? I get the whole financial security side of it (well sort of, look at the world today), but that path seems tiring and uninspiring to me."

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At least I know I'm not the only one floating around.

Roland Bello II

{Previous post on Roland Bello}

Romona Keveza.

... is my current fav bridal gown designer.

Love the ribbon detail at the back of this dress.

Love the 'lightness' and casual vibe this dress emanates. Weddings need not be suffocating.

The black details up the oomph factor of this dress. I am wondering if brown/espresso instead of black would work.
Simply elegant. A classic gown that would never go out of style. Now the question is what do I really want?


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A new beginning.

I just love seeing them together. What a handsome couple!
I'm sure Michelle Obama's dress inspired many who are looking for the perfect dress. It's Jason Vu!
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8 more months.

And the countdown begins ...
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What a great honor for me. iDiY listed me as one of her blog friends. As though she read my mind, her latest blog entry features Kate Spade downloads. I lurrrrrrve and am a big fan of Kate Spade, because of the clean designs and vivid colors. Besides, what great marketing!

Book covers!!! {Kate Spade}

What Possessed Me.

I just can't get over Saipua. Gorgeous selection of my kind of flowers! *inhale*

Spicing it up!

Avoid blah. Incorporate some colored water goblets!
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by the sea.

You don't really need to have turqoise, blue or white for a wedding by the beach, or so I have learnt, thanks to {this is glamorous}
Having a dash of color with wild looking flowers in a seashell - the epitome of thinkin out of the box!

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Going ethic III


a place to stay.

By the looks of it, our apartment will be up sooner than we expect. Oh, I am SO thrilled and can't wait! *shrieks with excitement*

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How the blocks are supposed to look after completion.

{via my hometown}

The showflat - This is how our living area/balcony should look [size and layout] like.

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a "safe" board.

valentine's aftermath. fashion in the city of love.

Thanks to Joanna, I now found La Femme Francais.
How to dress like a French Woman?

{image via La Femme Francais}

Going ethnic II

Going ethnic I

ranculus and roses.

Look at 'em. Whimsy love!
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sd | calligraphy

As a child, I used to be obsessed with changing my hand-writing every now and then, and loooovvvvved writing cursive when I was just 8. I was SO excited when we were allowed to use pens instead of pencils in school. Besides calligraphy, I still very much love paper. I buy cards, and surf around for the perfect stationery for my wedding. This is why I'm so inspired by Sarah, whom I guess shares the same passion as me. You can see her works here.

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{cards by: first two from top - blush paperie, third from top - CECI new york, fourth and fifth - kenzie kate invites, sixth from top via oh beautiful paper & last invite - smock letterpress}