{a dash of color}

a clever move! pls hide 'em paint brushes 'cos i am inspired!


{mrs couch potato}

we are going for the cosmopolitan look for our flat (i hope that's final). it's moody and perhaps a little dramatic. am going to document what i like about the pictures of interiors i put up from now on.

like: white piping on the couch and the marble coffee table with barely there legs.

like: the dark wood floor, clean lines throughout the space that doesnt get your eyes
running all over the place and so is calming in a way and of course i love the neutral white walls.

like: khaki colored leather couch, piping on the cushion covers, bordered doors and
can you imagine the room smelling divine with the scented candle on the table?

LOVE: coffee table and vintage posters

like: the sleek coffee table, calm blue chairs that remind me of  those in carrie & big's
apartment in SATC, the neutral walls.

{images - from top to bottom - cobi ladner's blog, desire to inspire and plush palate}

{wow. this quote speaks to me.}

When I was four years old they tried to test my IQ, they showed me this picture of three oranges and a pear. They asked me which one is different and does not belong, they taught me different was wrong.” Ani Difranco

{via pia jane bijkerk}

{a fun girly workplace}

i never get motivated enough to do up my work space in the office. my current space is huge and  cluttered, with wires and paper all over the place. even my visitor chairs are never in their place.

so now it's time for an escape ...

that office belongs to a fashion PR agency in West Hollywood. *double sigh*

{freida pinto}

this is freida pinto. i first saw her as the lead actress in slumdog millionaire which probably shot her to fame. she can't act but i think she's so pretty.

{where did the weekend go?}

it's monday and i want to snuggle under the covers. *sigh*

{babees honey}

how clever is this? love the color scheme. i feel the tiffany blue complements all tones of the packaging perfectly.


how gorgeous are these? a huge explosion of color and ... drama drama drama! DAZZLING!

{via a new fav blog - carrie leber}

{new ikea catalogue}

what dreamy styles. hard to believe they belong to ikea's new catalogue.

{a texan holiday}

i need to get out of singapore. the last holiday was far too long ago so! it's confirmed! the hubz n i are leaving for houston, texas in september and will be putting up at my bestie's, with her family in austin. i am SO excited.

sunset over austin's lake travis via here

downtown austin via here

hee haaaw! via here

{a well styled bar}

{via MFAMB}