{hanging baubles}

i've had this in mind for a loooong time but just didnt get 'round to doing it.

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{xmas 2009 & anticipating 2010}

apologies for the lack of posts lately. it's been pretty hectic running around, shopping for gifts, wrapping, doing up our wedding album (it's almost ready!) i never seem to be done with it being the perfectionist that i am. christmas was special this year with family (+ hubs) & close friends. everyone absolutely loved their gifts.

career wise, things (hopefully) are looking up. i'l be posted to a another dept as a training manager, planning and conceptualising networking events, roadshows, seminars, doing publicity+marketing. lots of handing over, lots of work expected in the coming wks. so till then, have a great new year! i will attempt to post some pics real soon.

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i bought this. how cute!

{ring in the new year}

with my glittery shoes! i had to put this up as i got reminded of my wedding shoes {shown below}.

see the resemblance?

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{there is no end. there is no beginning. there is only the passion of life.}

was looking through some pics that were taken during our wedding planning process. i kinda miss that stage in my life. each day i was exploring ideas, searching thru fantastic blogs for pictures that resonated with my ideas, and if i did find that picture, oh my. the excitement - i miss it. the fresh brainwaves of how we could make our wedding a little more special, a little more different than everyone elses'.

and then i realise, this does not need to end. our apartment will be ready mid next year - hopefully. it'll be a fresh new canvas where i can exercise my creativity everywhere. and when its xmas, i could do this...

or this...


PS. i love golden rochers in a black bowl. chic!

maybe this ...

endless possibilities.

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{500 pieces of prudent advice ...}

i've got friends who have started baby blogs to document the growing up years of their babies that are so precious. i stumbled upon 500 pieces of prudent advice for my baby daughter, and that i tell you, is genius. i'm making a mental note. heh. favorites that resonate with me.
#161 live alone for a period of time. I love living with you and your father; I also cherish the years I spent living alone. You shouldn't go from being someone's daughter to someone's wife to someone's mother without first being someone yourself. Living alone will allow you to discover who you are when no one is watching, what you need to get through a day, and ultimately that you are a capable, independent woman. 

#178 the thing about makeup is you want to look like you aren't wearing any. You really don't need to wear makeup, but if you want to (when you are older) that's fine. A coat of mascara and a little blush are the two cosmetics that work best to subtly accentuate your natural features. If you want to even out your skin tone with some foundation, just make sure it's the right shade and blend it well. 

#183 dance. Rhythm, and by extension dance, are uniquely human characteristics - animals don’t sway to music. Your body needs the physical and emotional release. It’s essential that you not worry about what you look like while you’re dancing; it would be a shame if you were so self-conscious that you couldn’t less loose!   

#211 stop when it’s done. with any creative pursuit, learning when to stop is part of the challenge; this type of editing can be what separates ordinary from excellent. It's very easy to make an oil painting muddy, an essay over-complicated, or a stir-fry mushy by not realizing when the work is complete.

{christmas in paris]

{fabulous workspace}

i am missing my personal space at home. how glam is this one!

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{royal purple}

... that appeals big time.


{9 mths of baby}

ok, i'm not getting baby fever but, this particular post reminds me of my little niece and she just turned 9mths last wk. SO adorable!

{i heart}

we are planning to send xmas cards to the nearest and dearest, as well as those who had went out of the way to help make our wedding a roaring success. thought these cards are perfect for them.

{by ink and iron via oh so beautiful paper}

{an inspiring brooklyn home}



{photos from here}

{chalk white walls + open shelves}

i've been to so many homes with dark and dingy kitchens and it's just not pleasant. for inspiration to kick in all the time, i would like my kitchen to be bright and airy.

chalk white walls.


open shelves.

perfect parisian-inspired kitchen with vintage posters/drawings.


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{a december evening}

this picture depicts a typical december evening perfectly. gloomy yet romantic. i'm gonna meet my bff, jessie for a warm dinner.

have a nice one!

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{its xmas again! my fav time of the year}

we were supposed to put up our xmas tree last night but mom's spring cleaning is still on-going so we decided to postpone putting up decos till later in the month. i'm now overflowing with ideas to give our tree and our home an update. how exciting!

oh, i'm crazy about black and white. how chic is that!

gorgeously refreshing theme - glass ornaments with hints of green and turqoise.

modern square wreaths.

give your candelabra an instant update.

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{unlike other dresses}

omigosh. i'm totally in love with this dress.