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i've had this in mind for a loooong time but just didnt get 'round to doing it.

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You guys have knowledge of having messed up teeth? You probably do that's why are wierd-mouthed. lol looking for date sites and finances because you need dental work immediately. anyway, i'm not selling anything or anything but i do want to encourage everyone to look up veneers. google it or find it somewher or ask your dentist. it is the freaking best thing the world.

all that wonderful candy that those rich bastards at mars gave you betrayed you and got your whole family running around looking like the wicked witches and wizards of the west.

You go to the denstist and get a cleaning but what the hell is that going to do? You've got caved in teeth, appalachan mountain teeth, rocky mountain teeth, and general crackhead related teeth.

It's rough on you I know but it's true. I used to be the same way. I did happen to spend a couple g's on some veneers in atlanta ga (google it if you're not from the US). Now I do bust out a big smile on every occasion i meet a face, in abstract to the past where it's hide the smile! But anyway some of you might definitely need to undergo such a process.

You should also notice, it's a great way to continue the veneer industry and make sure we have motivated dentists to come up with new innovative ways to fix our teeth. veneers is a big step over gold and silver teeth replacements which are gaudy and look crazy.

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