an eventful couple of wks. hectic hectic period at work (am practically pooped today as i was on my feet for almost 12 hrs involved in shooting the corporate video) as well as attempting to get the wedding details sorted out. a good thing that everything is falling into place wrt to the wedding. so i will prob update more over the weekend. apologies for the disappearance but, stay tuned!

{during the shoot, behind-the-scenes photo by yrs truly}

TWO more months!

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{balls of fire}

Holy crap! I can't believe my eyes. Look at this perfect table scape. I was creating my red pomanders as centerpieces with this vision for the brunch after ceremony. I know I won't be able to carry it this far but will be glad to be close enuf.

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i LOVE these apartments. if only mine would be ready like SOON! i'l be living on the 39th flr. cant wait to see how it all pans out. the morrocan lantern in the robin blue kitchen reminds me that the lantern plan for reception tables might not materialise. *sigh*

unconventional invites. how enticing!
btw, our invites arrived hand-delivered this morning! Love Love LOVE! although i'm dying to show them off, i don't think its a good idea - just in case, my friends pop by and it spoils the surprise!

the result of my handwriting analysis: you plan ahead, and are interested in beauty, design, outward appearance, and symmetry. you are a social person who likes to talk and meet others. you are affectionate, passionate, expressive, and future-oriented. you are a talkative person, maybe even a busybody! you enjoy life in your own way and do not depend on the opinions of others.
i LOVE writing and used to practice my handwriting ALL the time in school. I even had different styles to match my mood.
now, its time to practice again, to address our wedding invites to the guests.
how exciting!

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{bridesmaid treats}

this is SUCH a pretty card don't you think? i was struggling with creating something decent and my talented sister came to my rescue! it's a card meant for my bridesmaids, for them to decide on a single color palette (yup, i'm sort of giving them a choice. heh. )i love love LOVE the damask detail on the left. it's just like my invite. BUT, this is just 1 part of the package y'all. more to come! PS. Click on the card to see it in its full glory. Speaking of bridesmaids, I think the above diy project is really cool. How pretty are the packages? Details here!


last saturday, i went for my hair & make-up trial. i tried to convince my family that there is no need for a make-up artist because i think i look better without all the extra drawing on my face. unfortunately i didnt pull thru and so i engaged an artist. she's great and i do not doubt her skills but, just like i expected, I didn't like the way i look and reluctantly paid a $150 bucks for the trial. maybe its just me and my googly eyes. just to avoid the risk of looking like i had had a head transplant on the day of the wedding, i think i'm gonna have to do another trial. am pleasantly surprised(and envious, may i add) with the fact that almost every blog entry i read, about a make-up trial, the bride-to-be just rants and raves about how awesome she looks after the entire session of "pampering".

i'm wondering if anyone has had a similar experience as me?

that's me freaking out.

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{the phases of engagement}

i came across this fantastic post and i found myself furiously nodding to it. gonna remove the pre-engagement part 'cos i never did browsed thru wedding mags/attended bridal shows prior to owning THE ring.


completely exhilarated, you call everyone you know [it took me a couple of days for the entire event to sink in, so i dun think i called anyone, except entered my house with a BIG smile and flashed the bling to my mom and sis!] buy an enormous stack of wedding magazines, say the word "fiance" [i'm just weird, i STILL havent used it, even though it has been more than a year.] as many times as you can even in inappropriate situations, and drive recklessly while staring at your ring.[i just stare at it.]

initial planning phase

beaming with hope and expectation, you ask your fiance "So what were you thinking for the wedding?" most likely illiciting an overwhelmed look because your wedding planning energy is radiating like a force field, and he knows that you've probably already picked out the linens and designed monogrammed cocktail napkins.

apathetic phase

Maybe this is only in long engagements, but after about six months of frantic planning and then realizing the wedding is still a year away, the less fun tasks like bullying home addresses out of people or recalculating the budget (again!) seem tiresome. Can also be accompanied by a short lived substitute obsession, like interior decorating [YES!] or shoe shopping.

re-engagement phase

What?!?! Five months [2 months!???] left? Guess it's time to start those D.I.Y.'s :)

{happy ball}

I spent my sunday evening workin on one of these. It's red in color and looks like a ball of REAL carnations. I'm really pleased with my handiwork!

GingerRoot 3 Piece Pom Kit

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{sneak preview}

we had our food-tasting last evening. generally food was decent & some had rave reviews from our family members. i was disappointed with the lobster though but am not prepared to remove it from our menu. just have to provide the hotel with the feedback they want/NEED. some popular dishes include.

ROAST DUCK {via mycookinghut}

SZE CHUAN CHICKEN {via sugar cane cuisine}

TANDOORI CHICKEN {via kampongboycitygal}

OYSTERS {via salmonellblog}

CURED SALMON {via worldwidegourmet}


PINEAPPLE COCONUT TART via something sweet by karen
Drooling yet!?

{incredible light fixtures}

{to cut short dreary thursday}

what instant perk-me-ups!
lolas1 crayonrocks

aren't these programme booklets just divine?
from here

psst. is there something wrong with blogger? i can't seem to upload photos and i'm feeling paralysed.