last saturday, i went for my hair & make-up trial. i tried to convince my family that there is no need for a make-up artist because i think i look better without all the extra drawing on my face. unfortunately i didnt pull thru and so i engaged an artist. she's great and i do not doubt her skills but, just like i expected, I didn't like the way i look and reluctantly paid a $150 bucks for the trial. maybe its just me and my googly eyes. just to avoid the risk of looking like i had had a head transplant on the day of the wedding, i think i'm gonna have to do another trial. am pleasantly surprised(and envious, may i add) with the fact that almost every blog entry i read, about a make-up trial, the bride-to-be just rants and raves about how awesome she looks after the entire session of "pampering".

i'm wondering if anyone has had a similar experience as me?

that's me freaking out.


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