3 more WEEEEEEEKS! omg.

this image got me laughing. classic! via fortheloveofbrides

10/10 for originality. Groom-to-be's mom kept a book he wrote when he was just 6 and once he got engaged, the story of the couple was weaved into the book and made into an invite!

can't keep my eyes off this staircase. gorgeous.
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inspiration daily by creature comforts

what a gorgeous storage box. ... and extremely easy to d-i-y.  
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ohmy. this would go perfectly with my deep purple calla lilies and black magic roses. via here

this wedding is just breath-taking. the bouquet alone speaks volume about the bride.

i tried to embed this file. but for some reason, blogger doesn't do it. do follow the link and take a look a this very adorable, random video that might just put a smile on yr face.

i really have to apologize for my erratic blogging. its just slightly over A MONTH to the wedding & this stage of life turns out to be more overwelming than expected. i've never been this busy at work and have been spending more time in the office than usual, lately. wedding preps are moving on but i have very important deadlines to meet i.e finish writing ALL invites and post them by wed and finish up the church programme booklet before getting approval from the priest. as though the usual is not stressing me enuf, the future in-laws are now planning to throw in customary pre-wedding rituals (now, that is totally unplanned!). mom had to go for day surgery this morning. so now, i am just trying to have a quiet moment after a looooooong day.

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No, i'm not having a baby, but its SUCH a cool concept. I'm inspired.
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i wanna go to france and THIS is why!

the long anticipated wait to the florist is coming to an end. this sat!

{all images via the knot, southern weddings mag & once wed}

i seriously considered a ball of pale blue hydreanga as my bouquet way before the bridesmaids picked blue/turqoise as the color they are gonna wear (YEAY!). its not a very common flower over here, as these are seasonal flowers and thrive under cooler conditions. last wk, we went to a floral wholesale ctr of sorts, and i shrieked upon seeing the ball of goodness. i bought one just to see how long it'll last. just over an hr being out of the freezer, it started wilting, even on my way back. aw mannnnn... DONT think its a good idea to have it anymore.

{images via the knot}

there were some hiccups wrt to the morroccan lanterns to be used at 10 out of 20 tables as centrepieces. the future bro-in-law got to casablanca, morocco (woohooo!) and found that the prices were pretty steep much to our surprise. reluctant and disappointed, we decided to do without it and just use IKEA lanterns/modify 'em with some floral arrangement. lo & behold just a few days ago, future b-i-l told us he found exactly what we wanted and told us not to worry about the price as those lanterns will be "sponsored" by him & his gf. HOW sweet right? everything IS falling into place :))))
{image via the knot}

the church canteen looks pretty blah, so hopefully vibrant red pomander balls will make the cut to liven it up a little. ideally, the balls will be on baby blue damask table runners, but i might have to settle with a simpler tablecloth as i have no clue where to get it.

{the blue damask runner via the brides cafe}

{pomander display idea}

{100% handmade :)}