{my take on carrie & big's apartment}

the colors might be a tad too dark for a tiny apartment in the singapore suburbs. so keeping to cosmopolitan, luxe and sophistication, these might work too.

the entryway via madebygirl

bedroom I via desire to inspire

bedroom II via so haute

bedroom III via desire to inspire

dining area via apartment 34

contemporary space via house n home

{carrie & big's chic, luxurious apartment}

i couldn't get the apartment out of my head ever since i caught sex n the city 2 with my bff yesterday. i just love how luxurious it feels. like a 5 star hotel. i love the colors, the textures, the sophistication. after hours of desperate searching for pictures of the apartment, ignoring complains of the hubz that i'm spending far too much time with my other "husband" - my laptop, i found 'em! here!renewed inspiration for the new apartment!

{lady iron chef}

i found a fantastic blog dedicated to restaurants with fab food in singapore (finally!).

... i couldn't agree more.

{buckle bracelet}

... says dainty with a punch. love the extra touch - the buckle!

{sky walkers}

kite flying is pretty popular @ my part of singapore where there are plenty of wide open spaces around (for now!) but this inflatable procession in miami's south beach is just out of this world!

{a cute diy aussie wedding}

{can't take my eyes of you}

Pardon the way that I stare.
There's nothing else to compare
The sight of you leaves me weak.
There are no words left to speak,
But if you feel like I feel,
Please let me know the hunk of a coral that it's real.
You're just too good to be true.

Can't take my eyes off you.

{via little green notebook}

{simplicity rules}

just need a statement. 'nuff said. ...


have not been doing events for a long time but was already growing tired of conventional hotel corporate events. so i went right to HOUSE@Dempsey for my networking event. had some reservations at first but most, if not all loved the venue as it was different.


italy is a little too chaotic for my liking. but, would definitely head there to visit the pretty coastal towns as well as the vatican city. ahhhh... envious of this blogger who's heading there for her honeymoon.

                {all images via here. sorry, i couldn't take my eyes off these images. congrats on the marriage!}

{capture this}

We bought a DSLR Canon 550D yesterday after procrastinating for much too long. We are SUPER excited to use it.


from time to time, there are some weddings that take my breath away. no crowds, no suffocation, no drama, just the two of them ...

... just bliss.

{all images via style me pretty}

{end of a work day}

what better way to end a Tuesday than to have a pedicure and feast my eyes on a beautiful necklace.

{home, soon.}

oh, our new apartment will be ready by end of this year. we are dead excited. btw, i'm in love with these elegant spaces. elegant & a dream to clean.

{via desire to inspire}

{via mochatini}


too many exciting things have been happening lately. i'll be going to austin, texas to visit my best friend suyin who lives there and of course, it's 'cos i need a holiday! i'm dead excited. if any of you guys been there, pls do tell me what's there to see and do in texas.

suyin, her son shane, and me in brooklyn, new york in 2005. we were caught in a blizzard.


in singapore we rarely have much space in our homes, but we will have 2 spare rooms (till kids-!!!) and this is how i want to do it up.

{obsession with all white interior spaces}

{all from escapade}

{dizzy with excitement}

We are planning to do a family trip to Paris & Lourdes next Spring.
What better way is there to enjoy the gorgeous city xcept with the ones you love?

{via simply seductive}