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“If you enter this world knowing you are loved and you leave this world knowing the same, then everything that happens in between can be dealt with.” ~ Michael Jackson

for the love of succulents
{via yes, please} {via grey likes weddings} i absolutely adore the bouquet below. its vibrant and happy with my fav wildflowers and succulents (!??). i love succulents SO much that i see them everywhere. {via we met in a bar} {via jennifer dery wedding blog}

do you like Moroccan lanterns? i absolutely loooove 'em. was toying with the idea of placing these lanterns on alternate tables during dinner reception as opposed to paying the florist an extra $75 for EACH table flower top-ups. my future bro-in-law thought we can work this out and now he's gonna be lugging back 10 of these from morocco. YES! M-O-R-O-C-C-O! ~yeayyyyy!

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i can't stop looking at this ball of gorgeous-ness. {from classic bride}

mom's into d-i-y plant projects these days. will keep these in mind for her :) how pretty.from here

i love this map. More on the invitation suite by the designer behind Foreshadow Press, go here.

asian treasures

i have to apologise for the lack of posts lately. was trying to sort out stuff with rgds to the wedding as well as the big MOVE (later!). just thinkin' out loud (trying to do a mini-study of sorts), do you think there is a demand for asian art, deco and accessories in the west/wherever? i mean, would you buy them if they're available online? if yes, what would you like to have thats not as readily available where you are?
asian silk textiles {via expessnightout} {via tine k}
lombok handicrafts {via ancientera}

decor pot {via ancientera}

this is another do-able detail. looks fun and very pretty!
{details here}

besides the wedding, i think my life will change in a BIG way. will update this in due time after we have worked this out. {images from icon}

invite with humor

Isn't this the coolest wedding invite ever!? I just keep reading it!
I found it here!

this post in elizabeth ann designs probably speaks my mind and, i am SO glad i'm not the only bride feeling this way. i'm NOT a bridezilla btw. i listen to what my future husband has to say and we share ideas, and i think thats all that matters.

"At this point in the wedding planning ... I’m not really as careful with my opinions as I was in the beginning. At first, I tried to appease everyone and get a lot of opinions before making a decision. At this point, I’m just kind of over caring what everyone thinks. This is, of course, where us brides get dubbed “bridezilla” but I disagree strongly! I’m not a bridezilla, but I’m trying to tell myself daily that it is our wedding, and what we want matters! I think a bride can drive herself batty worrying what everyone thinks about every decision!"

{bride and her moment. for more gorgeous pics, go here}

{via fuzzynk design} - perfect and very similar to our invites.

this is the coolest wedding - EVER!

ping pong' mums, chamomile, and lady's mantle (or other blooms to fit your color scheme)
use of vegetables that signify fertility and abundance. how apt (!)
i like this idea, but would personally feel that it will look better with a container more shallow.\
small terra-cotta and copper pots filled with roses, tiny pinecones, and vanilla-scented pillar candles.

on a roll. MORE diy!

Featured this wedding before but, I just can't get over the bold burst of colors.

these gorgeous Moroccan lanterns are a great alternative to exorbitantly priced flowers. our next task is to source for these at reasonably prices.
{check out this wedding here} {via the knot}

{a blessing in disguise}

felt reeeeally disappointed when we went to meet one of the assigned florists by the hotel. we were shown her portfolio. i must say that she's really talented and can easily be one of the best in town. unfortunately she had limited options for us as the hotel is not paying her much. topping up would mean 75 bucks per centre piece.

the next day, my mom and i went down to the ceremony location (the church) and the canteen. the canteen is pretty spartan. just when i thought i'm dead, i came across this post. what would i do w/o my fellow bloggers?

{how to create pom-pom balls. LOVE!}