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hello my lovely readers, i am moving to another address with a new facelift and blog name {epiphany}. i guess we're approaching the end of a long chapter. i've also had the opportunity to create an account with the same name in tumblr which i will be maintaining as well. pls update your blogroll and promise me i'll see you at the other side!

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i am not a fan of art that is moody. i've always thought it's not good for one's health. but this piece, i am drawn to it. soothing and perfect for a hump day, for someone who's neck-deep in work. it's like chicken soup for the soul.

{making the most of our space}

teeny weeny apartment {95 sq m}, what do i do with it?

i can always count on my fellow bloggers

{fancy schmancy}

doesn't macs look fit enough to be served at a 5* restaurant here?

 details MAKE the design. wonderful creativity!

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{read in style]

gorgeous agate rocks from royale minerals as bookends. each one is unique and what a perfect gift for the bookworms in your life!

{candy store}

i am an ardent fan of jen's and visit her blog almost everyday. i'd like to be a business woman like her someday and she is my inspiration. today she featured SO many fantastic blogs. just imagine, i couldn't contain my excitement. i will be occupied for days now like a little kid in a candy store. only bad thing is ...

{eye candy}
{eye candy}
{eye candy}

... i'm at work! tsk.

{images by for the love of gold}

{living spaces}

... lesson learnt. neutral grey walls go great with warm tones of champagne, gold, citron. Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize! Before any party or get-together, a cluster of cream hydreangas with a sprinkling of the particular tone, in this case, orange (warm tone) completes the look.

{image - top by styleathome & image - bottom photographed by miguel flores-vianna for elle decorvia via mochatini}

{Send a garden}

... a postcard is last season. send a PostCarden.

{11 months ago}

how time flies. i still do not feel that our married life has begun as we are still waiting for our new apartment.

that's one of my best friends, her daughter - the flower girl and myself in the picture.

{genious BBQ}

This is ULTRA genious! My balcony wouldnt be too small for an intimate BBQ. Yummy!

{BBQ Bruce by swissmiss}

{dior grey}

absolutely crazy about this shade of grey. very cosmopolitan and goes great with black, grey and brown!. neutral colors but what a punch-y room below!

{via a perfect grey}

PS. I'm so feeling like the picture above. Tuesday after a long lousy weekend.

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i love holidays (who doesn't!) but i absolutely hate flying. i am dreading the 24 hour journey to the US of A sometime next month. Christoph Niemann has illustrated his thoughts while flying from New York to Berlin (Abt 8-9 hours?) perrrrfectly. But Christoph try 24 hours. The thought of it makes me go pale.

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... and so they say there are great restaurants in The Mission in SF. hope to check 'em out while there!

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creative dad keeps his kids occupied. check out the cereal box marble run - my fav of them all!

wouldn't it be a delight if all dads are like this?

glamorous and delicate 

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... look at THAT. HOW adorable!

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{cozy sunday}

so perfect.

absolutely ♥ sleeping in & lazing the entire day. sunday, pls don't go ...

{modern twist}

i love how sexy sarees look when worn right. its just that plus sized women {lots in the indian community} spoil the look of it all.

get what i mean?

{storage obsession}

i've always been into organising but never get round to doing it. now i have a slight idea of WHY conventional storage solutions NEVER work for me. it's cos i'm right brained! thanks to lovely being for the blog entry on right brained storage solutions.

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{take me there}

thanks to swissmiss, i remembered a certain detail of our swiss honeymoon last year. i remember hearing cowbells throughout the night and waking up to it in a quaint little town called tasch.

Love. wish i was there now. all pics by yours truly.

{waiting with eames}

as you might already know i'm currently lusting after eames chairs. i might not be able to afford the real stuff yet but will make do with these pictures for now. LOVE!

{dress it up}

WOW! this chandeliar shade is made from a vintage Chanel silk scarf and is gracefully draped with genuine pearls and gold-plated vintage beads. How luxurious! Via a lovely being.

{eames love}

i fell in love with an eames chair the moment i laid my eyes on it and i am adamant about having it despite objections from the practical hubz. but ... it feels SO rite - clean and classic [forever trendy]. am so glad its not just me going ga-ga over this chair.

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{a dash of color}

a clever move! pls hide 'em paint brushes 'cos i am inspired!