Lurrve is in the air

me: first job in Singapore? colleague: yeah, used to be in Saatchi&Saatchi in the Philipines. lots of difference. we had condo loans, profit sharing, like up to EIGHT bonuses in a year! me: shit. colleague: yeah. me: why did u get to Singapore then? colleague: my gf has been workin here for 3 years. for love man! fuck the benefits!

All in a day's work ... then

I thought this is hilarious: "... people are paid for the number of white hairs on their heads. There's something to be said about the value of experience, but seriously, people should be paid for the work they do and not what they have in their heads (if they cannot use it in their work!)." ~ from the Kway Teow Man tsk tsk.

A new chapter, a new life

"The best way to appreciate your job is to imagine yourself without one" - Oscar Wilde

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"All of us do not have equal talent, but all of us should have an equal opportunity to develop our talents." - John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Unfortunately we don't. Although Avijit (in the movie AND in real life) is blessed with immense talent, the only concern these people have, is of daily bread and butter. You'v GOT to watch this. Inspiring and uplifting, poignant and moving. It's amazing how art has the power to make a difference in the most unlikely of circumstances.

New year resolution, 5 mths too late

This was written eons ago (but forgot all about it because i'm always distracted): YEAY the churchbells' ringing. I absolutely love the feeling I get everytime I hear churchbells. Just nearby @ St. Joseph's Church, cold and hungry in Lee Kong Chian Reference library, I have the sudden urge to create a blog post. Inspired by various people during the past mths like my lecturer (not gonna mention names, just in case the grumpy one reads and gets pissd) Well, i like you so it's all good ya? It's been more or less eventful. I'v not had the time for myself, really - to sit down and reflect was I up to or not up to in the year 2006 and what i want in the New Year. Nearly made a resolution, but I wouldnt really call it one 'cos I wanna get up to it all year 'round. Like eat healthy. Somehow, it doesn't really happen. I love my oil, fat dripping bacon too much. Hm. since we'r on the page of being 'healthy', did I mention getting thru the golf PC (proficiency) test sometime? It totally sucked ok! I was SO nervous i'l screw up and would have wasted all the effort and money that was involved in getting to that stage. I got thru it.. and got the card *flash the card* so! i'm qualified to play on the course. ONLY during the weekdays though. If I wanna play all days, all year 'round, everywhere (in anal Singapore) i need the handicap. *grunt* we'l see how that goes. *fast forward 4 mths later* wel, after the completion of a degree, hair chopping experience, 2 close shaves to losing my job and 2 root canals later, here i am, a self-confessed geek sitting in front of my laptop (again!) feeling right at home and tapping away at the keyboard. well, i had to write something you see.