Shoes in my wedding colors.

Perrrrr-fection! I love the blue soles.

~ Image via The Bride's Cafe
Apparently the lucky lady who owns this pair, got it made in Paris to match her Monique Lhuillier gown with green sash. Designed by Christian Louboutin. Now I am GREEN.

What's the one accessory every living room should have?

Designers dish on what every living room should have.

1. "Something living!Nothing injects a sense of life into what can be the least lived-in room in the house like a beautiful plant. If a tree and plant thing feels too high maintenance, you can always put some tulips (or in our part of the world, orchids) and call it a day."
2. " Something very personal - an object, a painting, a collection ... it's the personality that makes any room feel grounded and 'real', not some anonymous space."
3. "Candles, and lots of them. They conjure romance instantly."
4. "Candlesticks. I really love the bronze ones by Gene Summers, in varying heights ..."
[well, does my mother's bronze vintage candlestand count?]
5. "Layers of cushions in tactile fabrics ..."
[check! check!]
Click for more decorating tips! [image via House Beautiful]

Simplicity at its best.

Love simple, glass vases and how they can be used for different looks. I love them simply because they do not take the attention away from the flowers.

~ vases via apartment therapy

~ designer: liza giles via decor8

COUNTRY VINTAGE. ~ image via all things bright and beautiful

Diggin' transparent

Ever since Philip Starck came up with his Louis ghost chair, everything else transparent has been catching up. at least for me. Right now, i'm in luv with simple transparent vases (images to be uploaded in the next post),and this 'ghost' table.

Now, how cool is that!?

Aaannd, i'm on leave tomorrow for the first time in ... 10 years?! Happy Friday!

*with thick yindian accent* Say the words

totally had to post this! it made me laugh and i end the day on a good note. do check out Jenny's artwork (one half of chai pilgrims - the other being her husband, a therapeutic ayurvedic teacher), the illustrator of this quirky piece. *update* "the divine essence within me bows to the divine essence within you."= NAMASTE.


It was an unforgettable evening in Tablao Cordobes, Barcelona. This video, does not do it justice. Check out the intricate hand and footwork!

Metallurgist bride designs her wedding cake.

And it is in gold! This is my favorite wedding cake by far and I didn't even think a gold cake was possible. Design was executed by Carrie O of Sweet Pea Bakery in Bozeman, Montana.


This color palette is inspired by the image of a room interior I found in All Things Bright and Beautiful, one of my favorite blogs because color is my thing. I can't recall where I got the other images from. But I do remember some are from Style Me Pretty, Martha Stewart Weddings, The Knot. If anyone is unhappy with me posting these images, do let me know and I'll take 'em down. * update: the gorgeous pendant/necklace on the top right is by yanina artisan jewellery in etsy. elegant, understated pieces. i'm a fan!

This is why I simply adore Etsy. I find items such as the above (By Colleen Baran) and they remind me of all the reasons why I am getting married, amidst the chaos. *aw*

Heaven is a place on earth.

Katikies, Oia Santorini, Greece


G picked me a bag of fallen pines during our first holiday trip together - 'risking his life' in the process as he claims (!). I'm thinkin, pine cones might just set the tone for our wedding next year. It's just so darn hard to make up our minds - too many ideas, thanks to all the wonderful, inspiring blogs out there!
I love how Nicole and Grant made use of the pinecones throughout their wedding.

{Link: images - cards on top by white aisle, nicole and grant wedding via style me pretty}

For the romantic bride.

not very me, but am sure it'l appeal to many bride-to-bes here. ~ images by: pendant. yanina artisan/etsy angel girl. shot by anna kuperberg via black eiffel print by karen combs of nama rococo via black eiffel wedding ring cushion by anna whitford via love made visible cake via the cake girls amaryllis bouquet by christopher flowers via style me pretty. flowers in vases by dominomag via style me pretty. boutonierre by twigs and honey via etsy chic chocolate favors via martha stewart garland flowers via martha stewart. placecard via martha stewart. dress by wedding style guide/aurelio costarella via brooklyn bride. save the date card by littlesparrowstuff, etsy wedding.

Eclectic Fun Pt II

I am thrilled to hear from Cassandra, the author of coco+kelly barely 30 mins after sending her my inspiration post!
"Anita, the board is gorgeous! I love that you went for a non-traditional dress, and the cakestands are perfection! Thank you so much for entering - all the way from Singapore! Amazing. Take care, and good luck!" ~ Cassandra

Eclectic Fun

My inspiration board, inspired by the Moroccan Elle. I wanted to go for stronger colors but was instantly drawn to the room & I simply love the ethnic yet casual feel. Its exactly how I want mine to be.

~ Cake stands by Clara French via Style me Pretty / Cupcakes by Eco-chic wedding by Violet Designs via Style me Pretty / Coconut tree by Real Wedding, Lisa Lefkowitz-Part 1 via Style me Pretty / Earring by Ethnic Rocks via Something Old Something New / Dress from Notte, Marchesa via Something Old Something New / Clutch from Monya via Something Old Something New / Orchids via The Knot / Card via The Knot / Blue-hued champagne via The Knot.

Pretty Stationery

The sponsor for the inspiration board contest, Pink Lily Press' pretty cards. I'm a fan!
I love a little drama: Chandeliars (check out the detail behind the chandelier)

Simple & Elegant: Bird on a branch

Inspiration Boards Galore!

I am seriously thinking of participating in the inpiration board contest, organised by coco+kelly. I will have to pick any room featured in the image below [out of 36] and build my board/colors around it. Of course, I want to keep in mind our venues as well. I guess I'll be pretty occupied this national day weekend. The winner will get a little prize package, which will include a set of personalized stationery (yeay!) from Pink Lily Press (neat!) as well as a few other goodies that are not revealed as yet.

Butter Chicken? Hell No!

The Indian Buffet: Dismantled basically sums up everything that I am thinking - about Indians and their feasts. Each time there is a family gathering, I'll just wonder why can't everyone just be quiet for one second and eat their food. And people talk about nothing but the food after an event. We decided we are having nothing of it. Fortunately, unlike the author of this article. International BBQ Buffet it is! yummy!
Excerpt from the article. " ... Simran Bhargava, in her article for Express India, refers to Hall’s theory about high-context and low-context cultures to explain the Indian obsession with weddings and food. According to Hall, high-context cultures are marked by lots of touching, high noise levels and constant interruptions. These cultures (including Latin, Greek and Indian) revolve around groups rather than individuals and they believe in putting food and family at the center of life. By contrast, low-context cultures—such as German, Scandinavian and American—tend to be punctual and reserved. They dislike too much touching and noise; they prefer to keep their personal space and boundaries instead. These cultures tend to center around the individual instead of the group; thus food is not needed as the social lubricant to keep groups together."


Breakfast will never be the same again.

Coffee, hot toast with melted butter and sprinkled sugar is classic. With this toaster, a written note can be burnt into the toast. Quelle ingenuity!