Butter Chicken? Hell No!

The Indian Buffet: Dismantled basically sums up everything that I am thinking - about Indians and their feasts. Each time there is a family gathering, I'll just wonder why can't everyone just be quiet for one second and eat their food. And people talk about nothing but the food after an event. We decided we are having nothing of it. Fortunately, unlike the author of this article. International BBQ Buffet it is! yummy!
Excerpt from the article. " ... Simran Bhargava, in her article for Express India, refers to Hall’s theory about high-context and low-context cultures to explain the Indian obsession with weddings and food. According to Hall, high-context cultures are marked by lots of touching, high noise levels and constant interruptions. These cultures (including Latin, Greek and Indian) revolve around groups rather than individuals and they believe in putting food and family at the center of life. By contrast, low-context cultures—such as German, Scandinavian and American—tend to be punctual and reserved. They dislike too much touching and noise; they prefer to keep their personal space and boundaries instead. These cultures tend to center around the individual instead of the group; thus food is not needed as the social lubricant to keep groups together."