What's the one accessory every living room should have?

Designers dish on what every living room should have.

1. "Something living!Nothing injects a sense of life into what can be the least lived-in room in the house like a beautiful plant. If a tree and plant thing feels too high maintenance, you can always put some tulips (or in our part of the world, orchids) and call it a day."
2. " Something very personal - an object, a painting, a collection ... it's the personality that makes any room feel grounded and 'real', not some anonymous space."
3. "Candles, and lots of them. They conjure romance instantly."
4. "Candlesticks. I really love the bronze ones by Gene Summers, in varying heights ..."
[well, does my mother's bronze vintage candlestand count?]
5. "Layers of cushions in tactile fabrics ..."
[check! check!]
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