this cracked me up.

~ From Once Upon a Wedding

Nature's Inspiration

Never liked gold but, but these pieces are to die for. What elegance!

~ Image from Prismera
~ Image from Ginta Siceva

My Colorful Past

I can't even remember what this tool is called. I used to carry it around in my toolbox back in Hewlett Packard when I was in the manufacturing sector. It was my first job. If only the tools were this colorful, I would have just remained ;-) Those were the days.

~ Image from Black Eiffel

Latest Craze

Changing desktop wallpapers is my current phase right now. Just a week ago, I was changing blogger templates every 2 days. It's just me to be fascinated by new designs and new colors! Speaking of fascinating design, do check out Paul & Joe, from which I obtained this wallpaper.


This can be converted into a hairpin or a brooch. I'm not sure about this, but it matches my current fav color palette. From Etsy.

Monday Blues.

I was reading an article (dtd 2005!) from that struck a chord with me. I have been told that I'm neurotic. Worse, I think I'm a neurotic perfectionist with OCD. Here goes:

" Are you a perfectionist? Beware! What counts is being total, not perfect. This brings out the best in you. The very idea of perfectionism drives people crazy. The perfectionist is bound to be neurotic. S/he cannot enjoy life till s/he is perfect. And perfection never happens, it is not in the nature of things. Life is imperfect. Only death is perfect. Totality is possible, perfection is not possible. There is a huge difference between perfection and totality. Perfection is a goal for the future, totality is an experience now ... The perfectionist forgets about totality. There is a big gap between how s/he is and how s/he wants to be ... change can't happen now, it is always tomorrow or the day after. So life is postponed.These are small tools, but they will help you see the gap between workdays and holidays decreasing. You will eagerly wait for work to begin.
And then you'll also say: "Thank God it's Monday!"

Cup-cake wrappers too good to be true.

I can't believe someone would come up with something this gorgeous. How can one even bear to eat the cupcake that's in it?

My current wallpaper

~ Wallpaper found in Behind The Curtain, Kate Spade

First Attempt

Attempted to do a "bridal" bouquet and boutonierres. Not too crazy about lilies but, not bad for a first attempt. Could be on the way to saving a few hundred.

-The bouquet-
-The boutonierre-

Latte Factor

In The Automatic Millionaire, David Bach explains how the latte factor may be holding you back from getting rich. People don't really think about how they spend their money. And even if they do, they think of all the expensive stuff they buy instead of the little items, most of the times frivolous, impulse buys that can be avoided with a little bit of discipline. Little expenses add up to a fortune eg. latte (each morning, in my case) and the cabs (to work each day from Harbourfront). The following illustration might help me to be a little prudent, I hope.

A Latte a Day = $3.50 A Latte a Day for a Month = $105.00 A Latte a Day for a Year = $1,260.00 A Latte a Day for a Decade = $12,600.00
A Cab Ride a Day = $7.00 A Cab Ride for a Month = $140.00 A Cab Ride for a Year = $6,720.00 A Cab Ride for a Decade = $67,200.00 Shit.


The color palette is on hold, waiting for the sister to provide her two-cents worth. While surfing for ideas, i stumbled upon these gorgeous drool-worthy accessories.

Lust list items:
Available at Composition

Zoe & Morgan *ps. sold out due to popular demand.

Pink Mascara

Burke Decor

I'm so gonna start shopping online now.


Was just trying to put together different types of flowers from the colors I have in mind. Looks like a jungle out there. What a disaster. Haha!

~ Images from The Knot

Blogger Templates.

I have been playing around with blogger templates, and decided to settle for this one. I wanted to convert my blog into a wedding blog but decided against it. Most wedding blogs become dormant after the wedding is over. For the big day, inspirations and ideas will be deposit-ed here as planned but, the random musings will also remain. I love this not-so-wedding-y template, as it is clean and it reminds me of how organised I should be. *update* I now am into the minimalist look and have changed to a classic blogger template.

Peacocks & Sunset

Each time we make a trip to The Sentosa Resort & Spa [Beaufort], we see peacocks wandering at their courtyard, terraces and even the carpark. This inspired me to create my very own color palette that I hope we will religiously stick to if we're going for that venue. I injected Orange for a touch of vibrancy and the color reminds me of a gorgeous sunset. Yeay!

~ Images from My Marrakesh & Style Me Pretty [My Bible]


"Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering.
There is a crack in everything,
That's how the light gets in."
~Leonard Cohen

Happy Feet

I love this pair by Guiseppe Zanotti. His shoes have been described as jewellery for feet. Nice?

Frazzled. NOT!

I went down to check out bridal gowns at a high-end bridal boutique yesterday. I was very pleased with their service and the fact that they were not pushy at all [after all the horror stories I read in forums]. Something bothered me after the whole experience though. While I was pretty sure till the moment I was about to try a lace-y number in their spacious fitting/dressing room, that a fuss-free, sleek gown with clean lines is for me, I was on the verge of changing my mind, the moment K, the designer and D were going on and on that I should look my best as it's a one-in-a-lifetime event. While we were seated and K was showing us a few gowns, he coaxed me into trying a lace gown with a train. I said no 'cos when I saw the waist of the dress, I was pretty sure I would not fit into THAT. With confidence, K hung it in the dressing rm, and signalled me into the room. When I had difficulties zipping, his assistant, M came in, told me to breath in and basically stuffed me into it. When I took a glance at the mirror with the long cathedral veil, I gasped. Now I'm not so sure if I want a fuss-free gown. I told myself I needed to focus and I keep telling myself so. After all, mine is supposed to be a simple church wedding, with a laidback reception at the Beaufort [ok, yes we keep changing our minds, I know *sheepish*]. Most brides-to-be are always brainwashed into thinking that their wedding day is "THE happiest day of their lives", it is "THE "perfect" day" that most are freaked out by the time of their wedding 'cos they want everything to be flawless.

I am a perfectionist and I admit, though slightly over a year away, I was already freaking out. After I came across this quote: "..if you still believe in perfection, you're too young to get married."~ Meg from A Practical Wedding, I felt a little silly for being obsessed with all the things that would not matter as much after the wedding. I also recall Fr Richards telling us that so many people put so much effort into a wedding but how many actually prepare for the marriage? A wedding at most lasts a few hours but, the marriage would last a lifetime. At that moment, I was so sure I heard G sniggering
~ Image from A Practical Wedding
I am trying to keep my feet on the ground. So yes, I'm sticking to a clean, simple dress.

Cupcakes & Colors

I love the idea of cupcakes in place of a traditional wedding cake. Most places are charging exhorbitant rates for real wedding cakes (up to thousands, believe it or not!) and I was just running through in my mind about friends/family who can bake. Inspired by the image below, I am toying with the idea of approaching E to bake simple cupcakes, and I will find a way to decorate them.

~ Images are from the blog of Miya, who is a DIY bride. She is my idol I tell you.

Well, I like her shoes too!

Paper Love.

When I have time to spare, I am happiest in Prints, Borders being fascinated by wrapping papers with Damask designs, sometimes buying with the intention of framing 'em up to make a bed frame of sorts. Or even to inject color in the bathroom. Sometimes I'm in Popular buying notepads. I love pretty papers. It's such a pity they do not have many stationery boutiques like India Ink Papers in town. The following image is from a wedding invite and i LOVE it!

~ Image from India Ink Papers

I have taken a fancy to all things green

~ Image from Project Wedding

"Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.” ~Dorothea Lange

Finding a good photographer is a big challenge in Singapore. And when you find one, they charge exhorbitant rates. I am willing to spend more on a good photographer than on my dress 'cos he'll be capturing memories. Louis Pang is an award-winning Malaysian Wedding Photographer who takes breathtaking shots but surprisingly, he is virtually unknown here. I'm not sure if I can afford him but let's just cross the fingers.

~ Photograph from Louis Pang Studio & I can't believe the above shot was taken in India. It's so painfully gorgeous.

More Louis Pang

Ist course: Cachumber Salad

We have tentatively booked Shangri-La without any obligations and have about 14 days to decide once and for all. I like Shang because almost everything is open to negotiation, unlike some of the hotels we have dealt with. Because of this, while these other hotels might seem less expensive, it's not necessarily so because of all the additional charges. Ah ... don't you just love this set-up?

~ Image from Shangri-La's official website

Unfortunately, this ballroom is for a larger crowd and it holds up to 1000 guests #$%@#&@ !!!! With just 200 on our guestlist (alot for us, but little for parents), it will be (if we settle for Shang) in a smaller, sad-er, sorry i meant cozier room. 'Cos even if we want that ballroom with 10000000000 (note: exageration) guests, it's booked on the 19/09/09.

So ... say ta-ta to a laidback wedding and hello to bigger ang pows!

*update* we are STILL deciding.