Frazzled. NOT!

I went down to check out bridal gowns at a high-end bridal boutique yesterday. I was very pleased with their service and the fact that they were not pushy at all [after all the horror stories I read in forums]. Something bothered me after the whole experience though. While I was pretty sure till the moment I was about to try a lace-y number in their spacious fitting/dressing room, that a fuss-free, sleek gown with clean lines is for me, I was on the verge of changing my mind, the moment K, the designer and D were going on and on that I should look my best as it's a one-in-a-lifetime event. While we were seated and K was showing us a few gowns, he coaxed me into trying a lace gown with a train. I said no 'cos when I saw the waist of the dress, I was pretty sure I would not fit into THAT. With confidence, K hung it in the dressing rm, and signalled me into the room. When I had difficulties zipping, his assistant, M came in, told me to breath in and basically stuffed me into it. When I took a glance at the mirror with the long cathedral veil, I gasped. Now I'm not so sure if I want a fuss-free gown. I told myself I needed to focus and I keep telling myself so. After all, mine is supposed to be a simple church wedding, with a laidback reception at the Beaufort [ok, yes we keep changing our minds, I know *sheepish*]. Most brides-to-be are always brainwashed into thinking that their wedding day is "THE happiest day of their lives", it is "THE "perfect" day" that most are freaked out by the time of their wedding 'cos they want everything to be flawless.

I am a perfectionist and I admit, though slightly over a year away, I was already freaking out. After I came across this quote: "..if you still believe in perfection, you're too young to get married."~ Meg from A Practical Wedding, I felt a little silly for being obsessed with all the things that would not matter as much after the wedding. I also recall Fr Richards telling us that so many people put so much effort into a wedding but how many actually prepare for the marriage? A wedding at most lasts a few hours but, the marriage would last a lifetime. At that moment, I was so sure I heard G sniggering
~ Image from A Practical Wedding
I am trying to keep my feet on the ground. So yes, I'm sticking to a clean, simple dress.