Latte Factor

In The Automatic Millionaire, David Bach explains how the latte factor may be holding you back from getting rich. People don't really think about how they spend their money. And even if they do, they think of all the expensive stuff they buy instead of the little items, most of the times frivolous, impulse buys that can be avoided with a little bit of discipline. Little expenses add up to a fortune eg. latte (each morning, in my case) and the cabs (to work each day from Harbourfront). The following illustration might help me to be a little prudent, I hope.

A Latte a Day = $3.50 A Latte a Day for a Month = $105.00 A Latte a Day for a Year = $1,260.00 A Latte a Day for a Decade = $12,600.00
A Cab Ride a Day = $7.00 A Cab Ride for a Month = $140.00 A Cab Ride for a Year = $6,720.00 A Cab Ride for a Decade = $67,200.00 Shit.