Palatial digs.

"There is no pain in life so cruel as to be blind in Granada."

I remember walking in this gorgeous place with my mouth open. My take .

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Just what I needed.

How apt! I have half the mind to print & paste it on my white [no pun intended.] board in office so that it can be seen. Notice the circled portions. Ha!

~ via swissmiss [click on image to read right]

off the wall.

I could not get off the above site (i.e addicted) [click on image above], I found via Kate Spade. I believe this site was built in memory of Jackson Pollock by Miltos Manetas. Pollock was an American painter and a commanding figure of the Abstract Expressionist movement.

Travel the world with etsy.

While the rest of Singapore wouldn't want to miss the first-ever F1 night race for the world, I decided not to jostle with the crowd and was attempting to work on a marketing proposal. Of course, I got distracted yet again and was scooping out quirky etsy finds. [From top left.] 1.Catedral de Sevilla Wall Plaque 2. Simply Paris Necklace 3.Sterling Silver Olive Branch Pendant on Sterling Silver Chain [olive branch has been a symbol of goodwill and peace.] [Middle left] 4. Moroccan Architecture Earrings with Blue Sapphires 5. Once upon a time in Paris ... 6. Little India [Bottom left] 7. Venetian Teardrop Earrings 8. Paris Chandelier Carte Postale 9. Paisley Au Lait - Shower Curtain.

Piece of Me.

This is a fun game featured in The Scoop. I love the random-ness of it all. If you want the details of it, see Emily's entry. I was so dying to see the final mosaic [of me!]

1. What is your first name? Anita (Image: Anita) 2. What is your favorite food? Scrambled eggs & bacon. Duh. (Scrambled Eggs & Bacon on Toast) 3. What high school did you attend? St. Teresa (St. Teresa's) 4. What is your favorite color? Turquoise.(kind of turqoise) 5. Who is your celebrity crush? Jeffrey Dean Morgan.(Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Denny) 6. Favorite drink? Coffee (chocolate coffee cupcakes with mocha ganache & mascarpone cream) 7. Dream vacation? so many, I’l pick Tuscany for now.(Tuscany Stairways) 8. Favorite dessert? Warm chocolate cake.(warm chocolate cake.) 9. What do you want to be when you grow up? Typograph-er (pre-teenager typographer 2) 10. What do you love most in life? Being able to draw. (why can I draw ths, and not ...) 11. One word to describe you? Random (random de madness outtake) 12. Your Flickr name? Anyta (anyta!)

Takin' sexy to a new level.

*inhale* It's just me to be obsessed with frivolous things. But these are not frivolous, they make the mundane interesting! Do they sell these in Singapore? Do they, do they!?
~via DesignMom
*update* All things lace-y. Lurrve 'em!

1. Lace-y cake by Sugar Veil via shop friends 2. garnir de dentelle (eiffel tower/sunset backdrop) by metrogirl via flickr 3. telling tales (the peircing eyes) by chishikilauren via flickr 4. Lace tape via A Cup of Jo 5. a6038 All Blue and Laced by tengtan via flickr 6. Antique Lace (flower) by ballycroy via flickr.

266th Day of the Year.

"and you. a windrose, a compass, my direction, my description of the world." [Ian Burgham]

Bon Anniversaire!

Ceremony Inspiration Board: Draft 1

Magic in seeing everyday items in new ways.

I got lost in the gorgeous photographs I found in Edge Reps via Loveology. Photographs are there to remind us what we forget. Look at how the simplest of things we take for granted everyday, come alive.

I wish I am a photographer.

"Thou art to me a delicious torment."~Ralph Waldo Emerson

BBQ Buffet.
Is this really happening!?

~ via Rebecca Thuss portfolio.

Ceremony Programme Booklets.

I am not gonna spend much time online during the week because I know the internet is the biggest time-sucker and I am really working on curbing procrastination. Just as I was beginning to think I need to seek professional help, I found David Seah's - The Printable CEO and it's really working its magic on me. Anyhoos, someone has to do the planning. I was having doubts on whether it would be possible for me to do the Church Ceremony programme booklet+Invites(for both Day&Night) (the stationery) on my own and it was just heartening to see that some one has been there done that and is delighted with the results! I'm fixated on these classic, simple designs ...

Reception Inspiration Board. Draft Numero Uno.

In true Snippet & Ink style, I created an inspiration board for my wedding reception. As the indoor area is covered with wooden panels, I figured vibrant hues will stand out even more so, than green or white. This is just draft 1 as I anticipate the fickle me (especially when it involves colors) making many changes the next 300 or so days.

PS. I love the pop of blue/purple in the bouquet! The outfit is still undecided as the F-MIL will be getting one from India *cross fingers*. The color palette will be finalised based on that. Of course, ideally I'd love to be in black. Image credits found in the link above.


Yet again, we hit the streets. I took a while to post these photographs (almost forgot about 'em!) I was hoping to capture images that were not just of buildings/places but rather, details and abstract shots that appeal to me. So, here goes!

How it all began ...

~ THE ring from Tiffany.

I don't think I've even mentioned it. I promise photographs soon! and no, I'm not crazy about Tiffany. I'l pick character over popularity anytime. It's always the thought that counts. Really!

Keepin' it Personal.

I love what Meg from A Practical Wedding has done with the flowers she got from the wholesalers. And I adore her unprofessional tips, tricks and thoughts. My fav ones (almost all!):

  • Don't be scared. I'm not sure how we got so convinced that flowers were scary, but flowers are not scary. ...
  • Forget this "I'm an amateur, I should do something really simple, and not mix flowers" idea. Where did we even get that?
  • Pin up pictures of arrangements you like and let them inspire your decorating.
  • Mix textures, mix flowers, mix color. Be brave.
  • Use crazy flowers! And herbs! And spiky things! And leaves! And twigs! And feathers!
  • Work in pairs. One person will be your eyes while you are the worker bee. Then switch.
  • Remember scale. Just because you can afford to have flowers the size of your head doesn't mean you want to have flowers the size of your head. ...
  • Make your peace with the fact that your flowers will not be perfect, and that you'll need to make them the day before (hot tip: if you paid for the flowers they wouldn't be perfect either, but you would pretend that they were).
  • Every time you make something, sit back and guess how much a florist would have charged you for it "$75!" you'll say, "No, maybe $150!" Then applaud your cost savings (feel free to be wildly inaccurate with these numbers).

I sense so much enthusiasm and can relate to what was running through her mind when she was thinking DIY. I'm gonna attempt to do my own masterpiece yet again as I'm not in favor of yet another cookie-cutter wedding that people here are so fond of. See how my flowers turned out the first time 'round!

Phenomenal Blogger Support.

~ Blue Lilly Photography via NY Times.
I just have to write about Stephanie and Christian Nielson, from Utah. Whoever dissed blogging as a medium of any significance, should be eating humble pie. Stephanie and Christian Nielson, parents of 4, were involved in a plane crash last month and their story made headlines, in State Newspapers and in the virtual world. The couple is in critical condition with Stephanie suffering from 85% burns and Christian, 30%. Stephanie is an avid blogger who blogged about her zest for life, marriage, motherhood and other simple pleasures. She has a following, mostly mothers who are inspired by her infectious optimism. They have not met her, but ever since the accident, these fellow bloggers rally support and work towards raising money for Stephanie and Christian's recovery through auctions, selling cookies and spreading the word. They have so far raised about US$100 000 together coming from all corners of the world. Amazing isn't it? From about 2000 hits a day, her blog now sees about 30,000 hits. I just am awed by the phenomenal blogger support Stephanie and her family are receiving from people they have never even met. I will certainly pray for them tonight.

On my favorite day of the week.

I felt totally random and, with a camera on hand, we wandered into a back alley. This is what we found.

Saturday snapshots.

... as we wandered off hand in hand, some isolated observations gave me an urge to whip out my camera, yet again.Shop houses built between 1900s to 1940s are best known for their spectacular ornamentation like this multi-colored glazed ceramic tile above. These buildings built during this time reflect the sophistication of the builders.
It feels good to not race time after a long week.

More Tine.

Tine K Home.

*inhale* I do not know where to begin. I came across an amazing website, selling home accent items, furniture and even clothings. The e-catalogue is breath-taking and the owner, Tine K invites [website] visitors into her home in the inspiration gallery. I believe Tina uses her home as the studio/gallery. How nice, right? The home canvas (floor+walls) are in neutral colors and she is able to fit in almost everything (different types of fabric, lassi cups, moroccan tea glasses, vases, chairs, plants, pretty flowers etc) seamlessly. How inspiring!

On a roll!

~ image via The Knot.
Palette: colors from top left: #006b91, sherpa blue, loblolly, #009ec8, #b44407
middle from left: french grey, surfie green, dust storm, just right, eastern blue
bottom from left: alto, galliano, #00b3d7, vista white, dawn pink.

Getting the perfect color palette.

.. comes easy! Especially with sites such as, Big Huge Labs [Color Palette Generator]. Pick a favorite picture/photo and voila! Out comes a spread of harmonious colors extracted from your favorite photo! I'm totally thrilled with this and just when I thought my obsession with creating color palettes/inspiration boards is over, I stumble upon this site. Now totally intrigued, I'm trying to extract colors from all of my favorite photographs! Hopefully this will help me decide on a color scheme once and for all!. There're just SO many colors, and I LOVE colors, ALL of them. URGH. Here goes:
~ image via thoughtful day.
Generated Palette:

colors from top left: fiji green, schist, #be3f00 from bottom left: #c34c01, peru tan ~ courtesy of Big Huge Labs.