Keepin' it Personal.

I love what Meg from A Practical Wedding has done with the flowers she got from the wholesalers. And I adore her unprofessional tips, tricks and thoughts. My fav ones (almost all!):

  • Don't be scared. I'm not sure how we got so convinced that flowers were scary, but flowers are not scary. ...
  • Forget this "I'm an amateur, I should do something really simple, and not mix flowers" idea. Where did we even get that?
  • Pin up pictures of arrangements you like and let them inspire your decorating.
  • Mix textures, mix flowers, mix color. Be brave.
  • Use crazy flowers! And herbs! And spiky things! And leaves! And twigs! And feathers!
  • Work in pairs. One person will be your eyes while you are the worker bee. Then switch.
  • Remember scale. Just because you can afford to have flowers the size of your head doesn't mean you want to have flowers the size of your head. ...
  • Make your peace with the fact that your flowers will not be perfect, and that you'll need to make them the day before (hot tip: if you paid for the flowers they wouldn't be perfect either, but you would pretend that they were).
  • Every time you make something, sit back and guess how much a florist would have charged you for it "$75!" you'll say, "No, maybe $150!" Then applaud your cost savings (feel free to be wildly inaccurate with these numbers).

I sense so much enthusiasm and can relate to what was running through her mind when she was thinking DIY. I'm gonna attempt to do my own masterpiece yet again as I'm not in favor of yet another cookie-cutter wedding that people here are so fond of. See how my flowers turned out the first time 'round!