Phenomenal Blogger Support.

~ Blue Lilly Photography via NY Times.
I just have to write about Stephanie and Christian Nielson, from Utah. Whoever dissed blogging as a medium of any significance, should be eating humble pie. Stephanie and Christian Nielson, parents of 4, were involved in a plane crash last month and their story made headlines, in State Newspapers and in the virtual world. The couple is in critical condition with Stephanie suffering from 85% burns and Christian, 30%. Stephanie is an avid blogger who blogged about her zest for life, marriage, motherhood and other simple pleasures. She has a following, mostly mothers who are inspired by her infectious optimism. They have not met her, but ever since the accident, these fellow bloggers rally support and work towards raising money for Stephanie and Christian's recovery through auctions, selling cookies and spreading the word. They have so far raised about US$100 000 together coming from all corners of the world. Amazing isn't it? From about 2000 hits a day, her blog now sees about 30,000 hits. I just am awed by the phenomenal blogger support Stephanie and her family are receiving from people they have never even met. I will certainly pray for them tonight.