Travel the world with etsy.

While the rest of Singapore wouldn't want to miss the first-ever F1 night race for the world, I decided not to jostle with the crowd and was attempting to work on a marketing proposal. Of course, I got distracted yet again and was scooping out quirky etsy finds. [From top left.] 1.Catedral de Sevilla Wall Plaque 2. Simply Paris Necklace 3.Sterling Silver Olive Branch Pendant on Sterling Silver Chain [olive branch has been a symbol of goodwill and peace.] [Middle left] 4. Moroccan Architecture Earrings with Blue Sapphires 5. Once upon a time in Paris ... 6. Little India [Bottom left] 7. Venetian Teardrop Earrings 8. Paris Chandelier Carte Postale 9. Paisley Au Lait - Shower Curtain.