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{a chic boston wedding}

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{one of those days}

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{a cleanaholic's dream}

i'd love a clean, white apartment with pops of colors from flowers.





{photo-ready accessories while you get ready on your big day}

This is a fantastic way to display the essentials on your wedding day so you can get fantastic pix/memories of the details. By the way, that bib necklace is the exact one (just that the pink stones are blue) i wore for my big day. Am SO proud of the purchase!

Bodega Flowers: 101

Sarah Cohen of Blossom and Branch conceptualised Bodega Flowers: 101 for city dwellers (in NYC) whose lives are far too hectic to admire the simplicity of fresh flowers. The idea is to show people how to gather some bunches from the local Bodega/florist and create something charming in their home. She engaged her super talented friends to create the best little girly party.

for ideas and more on the genius workshop: here

{100 layer cake}

100 layer cake never fails to disappoint me with its drool-worthy images.
For more on anna+ryan wedding: here

{absolutely liberating}

how nice it would be to soothe my aching muscles in this tub.

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{DIY beauty}

reasons why i am so into DIY. look how beauuutiful these turned out!

{whimsical wedding celebration}


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{proposal captured}

how sweet!

{getting ready door hangers}

a little treat i found for all you darling bride-to-bes.

free downloads from here!

{...and i'd tell you again, it's ALL in the details}

how wonderful it would be, if someone sent you this midnight snack pack on yr wedding night complete with some champagne? i'd love that person forever.

it can be a simple cake but add a little sparkle just for that WOW factor. sweet!

black berries in your gin tonic makes it a little more enticing.

recycle old trophies by adding pretty flowers.

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{valentine weekend getaway}

what does valentine's day mean to you? over here in singapore its largely commercialised. restaurants and florists seize upon the chance to make money. i for one have never celebrated valentine's day because it irritates me(!) this year valentine's day falls on the first day of the chinese new year (where most shops/restaurants are closed) in chinese majority singapore. they have to decide if they should stay open (to make money!) or closed.

to take advantage of the long weekend, the hubz and i are spending our time in the ritz carlton singapore complete with skyline views from the bed AND the bath-tub. am SO excited. will sneak in some champagne.

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