A New Year.

yeah, it's been ages since i last updated. the last thing i'd want is for this blog to die a slow death. besides, i AM on a roll today. 

it's time to head out after work but, it's the weekend you see *phew* so i thought i'd just say hello. i've moved to a new department at work and will be doing mainly corporate events. i was thrilled as this is an area of interest as opposed to implementing and drafting policies *gag* ; i feel like i've been given a second chance. love the creative part of my job but hate the logistical nightmare but, part & parcel of every job.

on a personal level, i am getting used to sharing a bed and life with somebody. although its been almost 5(?) mths. i don't tink this is a cause for worry, but anyhoos, can't wait for our new flat to be ready.

a new year. indeed.