New year resolution, 5 mths too late

This was written eons ago (but forgot all about it because i'm always distracted): YEAY the churchbells' ringing. I absolutely love the feeling I get everytime I hear churchbells. Just nearby @ St. Joseph's Church, cold and hungry in Lee Kong Chian Reference library, I have the sudden urge to create a blog post. Inspired by various people during the past mths like my lecturer (not gonna mention names, just in case the grumpy one reads and gets pissd) Well, i like you so it's all good ya? It's been more or less eventful. I'v not had the time for myself, really - to sit down and reflect was I up to or not up to in the year 2006 and what i want in the New Year. Nearly made a resolution, but I wouldnt really call it one 'cos I wanna get up to it all year 'round. Like eat healthy. Somehow, it doesn't really happen. I love my oil, fat dripping bacon too much. Hm. since we'r on the page of being 'healthy', did I mention getting thru the golf PC (proficiency) test sometime? It totally sucked ok! I was SO nervous i'l screw up and would have wasted all the effort and money that was involved in getting to that stage. I got thru it.. and got the card *flash the card* so! i'm qualified to play on the course. ONLY during the weekdays though. If I wanna play all days, all year 'round, everywhere (in anal Singapore) i need the handicap. *grunt* we'l see how that goes. *fast forward 4 mths later* wel, after the completion of a degree, hair chopping experience, 2 close shaves to losing my job and 2 root canals later, here i am, a self-confessed geek sitting in front of my laptop (again!) feeling right at home and tapping away at the keyboard. well, i had to write something you see.