Ist course: Cachumber Salad

We have tentatively booked Shangri-La without any obligations and have about 14 days to decide once and for all. I like Shang because almost everything is open to negotiation, unlike some of the hotels we have dealt with. Because of this, while these other hotels might seem less expensive, it's not necessarily so because of all the additional charges. Ah ... don't you just love this set-up?

~ Image from Shangri-La's official website

Unfortunately, this ballroom is for a larger crowd and it holds up to 1000 guests #$%@#&@ !!!! With just 200 on our guestlist (alot for us, but little for parents), it will be (if we settle for Shang) in a smaller, sad-er, sorry i meant cozier room. 'Cos even if we want that ballroom with 10000000000 (note: exageration) guests, it's booked on the 19/09/09.

So ... say ta-ta to a laidback wedding and hello to bigger ang pows!

*update* we are STILL deciding.