Monday Blues.

I was reading an article (dtd 2005!) from that struck a chord with me. I have been told that I'm neurotic. Worse, I think I'm a neurotic perfectionist with OCD. Here goes:

" Are you a perfectionist? Beware! What counts is being total, not perfect. This brings out the best in you. The very idea of perfectionism drives people crazy. The perfectionist is bound to be neurotic. S/he cannot enjoy life till s/he is perfect. And perfection never happens, it is not in the nature of things. Life is imperfect. Only death is perfect. Totality is possible, perfection is not possible. There is a huge difference between perfection and totality. Perfection is a goal for the future, totality is an experience now ... The perfectionist forgets about totality. There is a big gap between how s/he is and how s/he wants to be ... change can't happen now, it is always tomorrow or the day after. So life is postponed.These are small tools, but they will help you see the gap between workdays and holidays decreasing. You will eagerly wait for work to begin.
And then you'll also say: "Thank God it's Monday!"