{mrs couch potato}

we are going for the cosmopolitan look for our flat (i hope that's final). it's moody and perhaps a little dramatic. am going to document what i like about the pictures of interiors i put up from now on.

like: white piping on the couch and the marble coffee table with barely there legs.

like: the dark wood floor, clean lines throughout the space that doesnt get your eyes
running all over the place and so is calming in a way and of course i love the neutral white walls.

like: khaki colored leather couch, piping on the cushion covers, bordered doors and
can you imagine the room smelling divine with the scented candle on the table?

LOVE: coffee table and vintage posters

like: the sleek coffee table, calm blue chairs that remind me of  those in carrie & big's
apartment in SATC, the neutral walls.

{images - from top to bottom - cobi ladner's blog, desire to inspire and plush palate}