Phung Thien Nhan

~image via Miracle Baby
Following a newspaper report, I decided to use my blog to raise awareness for a Vietnamese toddler who was abandoned at birth and left to die by his teenage unwed mother. Thien Nhan was mauled by a dog which bit off his right leg, testicles and penis. He is now living with a Vietnamese journalist and family in Hanoi who are seeking sponsors to help pay for his medical care, rehabilitation and education. In Singapore, comics strip creator - CHEW ON IT! [whose comics are published in local newspaper THE SUNDAY TIMES] is actively helping to raise funds for the little boy. Donation amounts and donator names will be revealed in his blog and in Miracle Baby (if donations are made directly to Tran Mai Anh account in Vietnam). For more details, pls pop by Miracle Baby & CHEW ON IT!