Transforming cheap to a million dollars.

It's tiring going to bridal boutiques (just been to 3 so far, and am sick of the whole works already) and walking out less than impressed. Many times, I am so tempted to just get a 'normal' dress, but that's so saaaaaaaaaaaad. You know I stumbled on a $10, 000 wedding and am just awed by the brilliance of a featured blogger guest, Kimi. B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-C-E. She deserves to be worshipped. Ok I'l stop ranting, but you'll really see how wonderful she is. Kimi got a $65 (US Dollars) white dress from Target and transformed it into a work of art that is truly hers and hers alone. I'm so inspired by how far any bride can go with just a little creativity. Unfortunately, DIY just doesn't seem to work in Sing, at least its not too common, but that's not gonna deter me from givin' it a little thought. Now, drool away! I managed to take a look at Kimi's flickr set (where all the above pics come from) and found out how she did it. "I cut out all the leaves/vines/critters/words separately from this rubber-backed velvet I found in the basement of a fabric store, then hot-glued it all onto the dress. Many weeks and blisters later, voila. Lots of people thought it was from one piece, but I tried that out and gave up that idea waaaaaay early. I just glued them right next to each other or slightly overlapped. I put down vine lines first in a way I thought looked graphically good, then basically sat down on the dress with a pile of cutout leaves next to me and glued each one on. It wasn't too planned out, the only thing I really planned out was where the vines went, to make a basic structure. But there's lots of other things you can try if that sounds too complicated! I also wanted to do ribbons of almost the same color, with leaves sewn on, like vines coming off the dress rather than right on it. And silk flowers!! 3D! Now I want to make another dress."