On a Mission.

Ok, I'm now worried after reading what Meg wrote. She's got 10 full months to her wedding and has done practically everything! Ok, just a brief update, we got the following done:

  • Officiant: CHECK!
  • Church: CHECK!
  • Dinner Venue: CHECK!
  • Dinner Caterer: Comes with venue - CHECK!
  • Dinner Decor: Comes with venue - CHECK!
Yet to be done:
  • Marriage Prep Course.
  • Brunch/Church Caterer
  • Photographer: I just hope things will work out with Mel. It's way past our deadline. The end of SEPT 08. Yeah right.
  • Wedding Gown (For some reason, I'm really scared to start on this.)
  • Suit.
  • Make-up Artist.
  • Florist.
  • Stationery (Invites / Couture Maps (!) / Programme Booklet).
  • Rings Rings Rings! I just hope we won't forget this one. Ha!
This looks like a whole lotta work. It's time to get organised! Meanwhile ...

~ calm wafer dish by rae dunn via blackwhitebliss