I think Vicky Cristina Barcelona is worth every penny! Of course, anything would work with Barcelona as the backdrop. Nothing much was expected of the movie as all I wanted was a walk down memory lane but it turned out to be thought provoking, at least for me.

Spanish guitars made me happy. Javier's poet father and his insistance to not publish his poems because he hates the world was intrigue-ing. His patriotism was admirable. The charming houses were lovely and the characters' exhuberance and creative spirit - them giving their all for the arts was enviable. Penelope Cruz, as Maria Elena makes the movie work, lends it sparks and comic as the character of Javier's neurotic wife. It is refreshing to see a passionate, intense, raw relationship that overshadows the sterile ones we see day in and out, even in hollywood movies. Scarlet Johanssen stars as the free spirited girl who searches for something she does not even know of. Her best friend, Vicky thinks she has it all and tries hard not to jeopardise what she possesses already with her shaken resolve, all thanks to the um ... bedroom eyed Javier, whom I think ... looks funny. He looks funny when he kisses. Hahaha!

Meanwhile, I'll leave you with Barcelona, of course.

Image credits - top left: barcelona transport, right: parque guell / barcelona / gaudi, bottom left: barcelona and gaudi's barcelona - casa battlo - like mirrors - HDR or not?.