Yeay I love Weekends!

we went to watch the much talked-about slumdog millionaire. this show presents the real india to movie goers who only know it through the eyes of bollywood, mother theresa, gandhi, booming computer segment, exploding education, spectacular costumes - i heard gasps in the theatre when the magnitude of the slums became apparent.

this movie brought me back to the time when i was in india as a 10-year old. the images of hundreds or rather thousands of street kids begging - some injured, some with crying babies in their arms are still fresh in my mind. the india i remember had impoverished street dwellers sleeping in the streets at night, men reliving themselves by the roadside and so, as i have seen it myself in person, the scene with the orphans/blinded orphan begging was heartbreaking. despite witnessing the dreadful poverty in the big screen, what made it all worthwhile was the heart-warming optimism of these wonderful little boys and girls making the most of the cards life has dealt them. and hope. for g, he reminded me again that only people who have nothing to their names know how to treasure the most precious gift that money can't buy - relationships.

after the movie, we were off to creperie des arts. a quaint little french restaurant in the heart of town, prinsep street. amazing service with healthy (made from buckwheat), sweet and savoury crepes.

i always leave room for dessert. my crêpe suzette - orange pulp zests with caramel and pear ice cream was flambéed with grand marnier. oh, and g's crêpe keroch - the salted caramel butter crepe was simply delightful as well. a perfect end to a saturday (: