{valentine weekend}

g and i never celebrated the day to begin, so i decided to inject some humor into the whole thing.
... it started off with kate spade.
& spongebob cupcakes
also, a few things came up. so sat was done in the blink of an eye.

sunday began with some disaster in the kitchen.

chocolate pound cake topped with white chocolate & a little rasberry. it doesn't sound appetizing come to think of it. what was i thinking!?

& then i got ready for a baby shower.

for some reason, i caught myself smiling while poring through teeny weeny baby clothes before i got to this pair of nugget shoes. just too cute.


jessica lynn

awwww thanks for the comment on my blog! i just popped on over to yours and i already love it! a new favorite for sure! love the spongebob cupcakes, reminds me of our engagement story! :)