{wedding re-cap :: 09.19.09 wedding ceremony}

we had a catholic wedding ceremony in the morning of 19 Sep 09 @ the church of st. anne's, singapore. after which, the guests (we kept it small) adjourned to the church canteen for brunch. we tried to make the morning events as simple as we possibly could (as we planned a bigger party later that evening at a resort) w/o compromising on some of the details; as you'd already know by now i'm a sucker for details.

nothing fancy-schmancy though. the stickers on favor boxes {top left} and ceremony programmes {top centre} were created by my sister also the MOH. the boutonierre {top right} and the reception table decor {bottom centre} were d-i-y-ed by yrs truly the night before(!). the runner was actually a humungous piece of cloth bought in a craft store. it was cut into pieces to make runners. the cute white vases on the table were from ikea at SGD1.90/piece and the red flowers were created out of inexpensive red tissues.

my bouquet {STILL can't get over it} was arranged by the fabulous sarah; it had deep purple calla lilies with black magic roses, a touch of wildflowers and a strand of black beads.

my MOH and bridesmaids got their own attire and wore various shades of blue. we wanted to take pics with the bridal party outdoors but it started pouring and we had to make do indoors, in the church canteen.

{details and inspiration on church reception table decor here, here and here; bouquet inspiration here.}

@ santorini.

ah, what a dream. a simple wedding with the most gorgeous backdrop.

{the idea was found via {frolic} and photos via flickr}

{wedding re-cap :: details stationery suite}

i'v blogged about the cards i gave my bridesmaids before. they contain similar details to my invites.
when you're super attentive to details, a graphic designer in the family is like a gift from God. my sister, Flora designed all the stationery we had for the wedding. we had 2 sets of invites - for ceremony and the dinner reception.
    the ceremony cards had turquoise details with brown background, and ...
    ... the dinner cards had red details with orange background.these set the color tone for the wedding. it was gratifying to see our idea evolve with the skills of Flora and Gurm's eagerness to mess with typography.
we had a very coordinated suite of stationery {sweet!!!} - programme booklets, stickers that were used for cake boxes, and pew cards.

this poster is practically a blown-up version of my dinner reception invite and it graced the entrance of the ballroom.

there were matching little cards that guests wrote on. we had this set up as a guest book alternative. again, it didn't cost us a bomb to have all these mitchy-matchy details. my sister was entirely behind this and we couldn't have had such a smashing day if not for her runnin' all over the place getting all of these done.


she's a proud bird.

she loves the ritz

last night in london.


{all via ban.do}

LOVE this one. Quite similar to my wedding [ceremony] colors

{honeymooning @ switzerland: part iii}

gruyere had pretty apple trees (which we don't get to see in singapore). it is a picturesque medieval town that seems unaffected by the passage of time. loved it! the streets, castle seemed right out of a fairy tale.

next up, lucerne. i will remember lucerne as a very touristy place. i'm not as crazy abt it because of that. loads of coaches and photo-crazy tourists. g & i headed to a kebab joint next to the cathedral. yummy warm kebabs on a chilly morning = heaven. it was then when i heard a live choir sing in latin during a mass in the cathedral. i was a tad overwhelmed by the haunting, perfectly synchronized voices, and teared a little.

that afternoon, we headed to mount stanserhorn. 1898m above sea level. on a good day, one is able to view france and the black forest in germany. we had to take a furnicular and then a jaw dropping cable car ride. there were lots of people in the cable car and it swung left and right. certainly not advisable for those with fear of heights but its all worth it once you'r up there. the weather was brilliant and we had a clear view of the valleys, glaciers and lakes.

our last day in switzerland was spent in zurich. we explored graffiti filled alleys and pretty streets, markets, took the tram, people-watched (in true sartorialist fashion).

stumbled upon a church we decided as the last stop before heading back. we were extremely glad we made it up there as it had mind blowing paintings all over about the life of Christ. and it wasn't even in the map! (and then the camera batt had to go off.) g & i spent some quiet time in it, just looking around and taking it all in.

what a perfect way to end our honeymoon.

Us goofing around.

i'm obsessed with wedding dress shots.

monday was no longer blue with these. happy 1-mth anniversary to you too huney!

i'm now obsessed with looking at pictures and style inspirations of bedrooms. we are in the process of revamping my current bedroom in my parents home so that it'l be more "husband-friendly". our apartment is still under construction.

 {via style files}

{via city sage}

{via le love}

omg. this is so heartbreakingly gorgeous. LOVE it. 

{image via this is glamorous}

the back details of my evening gown (i wore for wedding dinner) includes rhinestones and such. its very gorgeous and i can't wait to show you a picture of it. now, i want a portrait like that with the gown!

we didnt get excellent shots of details of our wedding and i have to admit i feel as though the perfect day wasn't captured enuf. now, this is gorgeous flat-out and makes me more depressed. *kidding*

Oh, I'm sure you know ...

Like you, I'm dyyyying for Joanna's wedding re-caps.

{honeymooning @ switzerland part ii}

We crossed the border to Italy yet again to spend an afternoon in Lake Maggiore (2nd largest lake in Italy with 3 islands that are known as the Borromean Islands). 

We decided against an excursion and had sandwich lunch by the Lake. Enjoying the Mediterranean climate, we chatted about everything under the sun not realising how fast time flew.

We went to stay a night at Tasch, a village located at the suburb of Zermatt. The best part of the inn we stayed in - it was a traditional swiss house with pretty flowers lining our balcony ....

... and it faced the alps! G thought our room AND the inn was out of the world.
The next day, we reluctantly packed our bags (cos we were leaving Tasch!) and made our way up the mountains via Zermatt ...

... to the Gornergrat that is surrounded by 29 peaks rising above 4000m and by Switz's greatest mountain and second longest glacier in the Alps.

What better way to enjoy the cold, crisp air and the view than to have a cup of hot chocolate while at it.

{make a statement}

i love statement necklaces and decided to wear one on my wedding day!

{statement necklace pics via flygirls}

stephanie has inspired thousands of people around the world, including me. its heartbreaking to see how much she has to struggle to do the simplest things, but she's SO positive and upbeat that it makes me feel so small.

{honeymoo-ing @ switzerland part i}

i personally feel that honeymoons are overrated. it has to be perrfect, the most romantic time of your lives, the most sexiest moments of your life in the most perfect location, ya-da ya-da.

but we are all real people and for g & me,  we are getting to know each other all over again in this latest phase of our lives, as husband and wife. we have our own quirks and irritate the hell out of each other especially in the mornings when we have to get ready, pack and move on with the day.

the honeymoon was an excuse for us both to have a nice holiday one which both of us have been deprived of, for the past year or so. even longer for me since i left my previous employment and i had to work harder than i ever did.

so! we got back a few days ago from our 10-day honeymoon to scenic switzerland. it wasn't our first choice as we had trouble getting flight back from frankfurt (if we had done the eastern europe tour) & the tour to exotic morocco was full (!) but we're proud to say we covered almost the entire switzerland, touched a little italy and popped by liechtenstein.

one of our first stops in switzerland was ritzy st moritz. this town has breathtaking scenery and very lavish designer shops lining up quaint cobblestone streets. it was pretty cool at about 10 degrees celcius and i'd remember it specially cos we couldnt wait to explore it the moment we got off the coach letting our luggages sit outside our rooms once they got delivered.

g was pretty excited when he saw a 9-hole executive golf course with the stunning backdrop and i knew he secretly wished he could play there and then but we had to go back to a nice warm dinner waiting for us.

the next day we climbed aboard the bernina express. this route that starts @ chur/davos in switzerland brought us to the italian border town of tirano (where they sold delightful home-made ice-cream for 1 euro!)and was declared a world heritage site sometime last yr.

one of the many breath-taking sceneries. we spent that night in lugano - we were back to the 'italian part' of switz after a short lunch break in tirano, italy and beautiful lake como (one of italy's famous lakes 45km north of milan). once we were in lugano, it felt as though we never really left italy.

that night, we had a lovely dinner with great company (!). we had to take a boat to this grotto and it overlooks lugano @ night. the twinkling fairy lights & the sound of water also made the setting for this dinner really romantic.

I feel that the above colorboard by 100 layer cake fit my evening [wedding] event the best. It's strange 'cos nothing went according to plan. Even after decided on a color palette, I found us gearing towards jewel tones much more than the initial autumn colors which was more vibrant. This colorboard is autumn-y as well but more subdued which fits us, even better.