{honeymooning @ switzerland: part iii}

gruyere had pretty apple trees (which we don't get to see in singapore). it is a picturesque medieval town that seems unaffected by the passage of time. loved it! the streets, castle seemed right out of a fairy tale.

next up, lucerne. i will remember lucerne as a very touristy place. i'm not as crazy abt it because of that. loads of coaches and photo-crazy tourists. g & i headed to a kebab joint next to the cathedral. yummy warm kebabs on a chilly morning = heaven. it was then when i heard a live choir sing in latin during a mass in the cathedral. i was a tad overwhelmed by the haunting, perfectly synchronized voices, and teared a little.

that afternoon, we headed to mount stanserhorn. 1898m above sea level. on a good day, one is able to view france and the black forest in germany. we had to take a furnicular and then a jaw dropping cable car ride. there were lots of people in the cable car and it swung left and right. certainly not advisable for those with fear of heights but its all worth it once you'r up there. the weather was brilliant and we had a clear view of the valleys, glaciers and lakes.

our last day in switzerland was spent in zurich. we explored graffiti filled alleys and pretty streets, markets, took the tram, people-watched (in true sartorialist fashion).

stumbled upon a church we decided as the last stop before heading back. we were extremely glad we made it up there as it had mind blowing paintings all over about the life of Christ. and it wasn't even in the map! (and then the camera batt had to go off.) g & i spent some quiet time in it, just looking around and taking it all in.

what a perfect way to end our honeymoon.

Us goofing around.