"One may say the eternal mystery of the world is its comprehensibility" ~Albert Einstein

(Left) One of our presentation slides. Grant sat in for our presentation for one of our assessments on the "content analysis" of newspaper stories (both local and foreign) of Nguyen Tuong Van, the Australian of Vietnamese descent who was executed on Friday 02 Dec 05. Among other stuf, We looked at how sensationalized the media reports were / are down under. Nguyen's execution coincided with the United States marking a grim milestone with its 1000th execution that took place in North Carolina. Many of us argued why is it that Singapore was made out to be a 1st world country with 3rd world laws when the United States, one of Australia's key allies AND a first world one at that, still carries out Capital punishment. It was an interesting research project, similar to one we did last year on the Russian school siege. Grant was one of the 2 lecturers who arrived frm RMIT Uni in Melbourne to take us for a Comms Research module for the last intensive 2.5 wks. Grant is a good lecturer who succeeds in keeping us all engaged in his lecture by sharing his family blogs and sarcastic humor. In response to one of my classmates, to whether we should research just print media or both electronic and print for an assignment, he responded, "for the sake of your sanity pls ..."