Inspired by a friend's post, I decided to share one of my all time fav shot taken from a plane courtesy of Flora, the budding photographer. I've always been fascinated by clouds, as a child and even now. One of the reasons why I prefer buses to underground trains is because I can stare at the clouds when I'm in a bus. In Latin, Cumulus means "heap" These clouds usually look like heaps of cotton balls or whipped cream. I can't make up my mind as to whether these clouds pictured above are classified as Cumulus or Cirrus. Cirrus means "curl" and they are high wispy clouds made of ice. It is said that even in summer cirrus clouds are made of ice as it is cold high above the earth. Any cloud experts? *Update* These clouds do not look like high clouds and are certainly not wispy. I hereby conclude that they are of the cumulus type.



Yo senorita.
Ha ha ha. So random. =) But your musings are cool.

Here's to more Zara trips and Aldo killer boots.


what an awesome picture. definately cumulus babe!


I think, that's a field of little cumulus. Cirrus are stretched to thin icelayers created when the wet, warm weatherfront tries to crawl other the colder one.