Christmas is ALL about giving

My XMAS wishlist
1. Canon Ixus I-zoom Why would i want to pay that much for a camera when i can get a better (read: also bulky) one for the same price? so that it fits into my EVERY bag! *duh* 2. ZARA velvety jacket in deep purple *inhale* every gal needs one of those 3. An APPLE I-Book Notice I love gadgets with "I" in 'em. I do not have expensive taste. Could have asked for a powerbook ... 4. A bunch of wild flowers They look good even if they're hanged upside down. 5. Chunky bead-y accesories. 6. Chunky sunglasses *word of the day* CHUNK 7. AMRITA spa vouchers How can I forget facials, manicure and pedicure? Be a princess. 8. A handwritten letter / card Who gets these nowadays huh? Don't you miss it? I know I do
*To be updated*