facial hair and bull run

Grant gave us a random example of a hypothesis earlier this evening. He said during a bull-fighting event, it was observed that very often, the men who are supposed to fight the bulls are seen with a fair amount of facial hair. Then research was made and it was found that facial hair grows faster in jittery males. Grant is one of the 2 lecturers from RMIT who conduct lectures on the “Approaches to Communication research”. We were doing Qualitative Analysis today. Speaking of bull fights, I was reminded of Pamplona which was made famous by Ernest Hemingway. He wrote about the annual running of the bulls in “The Sun Also Rises”. We were staying near the old town hall where there were many beautiful cafeterias. One of which was frequented by Hemingway when he was in Pamplona. It had a very art-nouveau feel to it. Everything seemed surreal. I loved Spain and Pamplona was one of my favorite places. Pamplona, i remember it for its pretty and quiet streets (not during the annual bull run, of course!), quaint shops and rainy weather. i also remember standing on top of hill overlooking the Pyrenees (in France). Pamplona's Tapas, snacks that come along with drinks, are called Pinchos. Every pincho is a work of art.

Works of Art, do you think?