Everyday in the life of a woman is a conflict, a mighty battle between what we want and what we get if we leave it up to others to decide. I seem to LOVE getting myself into trouble. First I decided to take leave 2 days before the paper of Communication Management, not only to study but also to squeeze time in for the completion of an assignment which was due on the SAME day as the exam. I also spent half the time sleeping. I make no apologies for my sleep requirements. I got through it all after some panic attacks and caffeine jolts. Barely a week later, the intensive block (which means classes on Monday, Wednesday, Fri AND Saturday (9-5pm) for the next 2 wks) began today. That’s not the end. I’ve got my Indonesian paper on Thursday afternoon and have not started studying for it. Someone pls shoot me(!) "I've developed a new philosophy... I only dread one day at a time." -Charles Monroe Schulz, Peanuts (character Charlie Brown)



#ROFL#goddd how true is that babe! - the first line. bet every woman reading that was nodding her head

I love your blog.