{my heart wanders}

the long weekend is here in singapore. my weekend is extra long as i am on leave on monday AND tuesday *yipeeeeee* so, i was scouting ard a good deal to up and go tom(!) to a neighbouring country for a short getaway. in the midst of it all, as usual, i came across an inspiring post yet again. i love meg of a practical wedding. the following story is from a wedding graduate, lauren featured in the blog.

"Last night, I ran into a professor I have crossed paths with over the years at the university I work with. He is a quirky, thoughtful, poem-emailing literature professor, probably in his mid-sixties, who lets long pauses happen in the middle of conversations. I don't see him very often, but have been given very weighty topics to think about every time I do.

The last time I saw him was over a year ago. I was walking with some coworkers to get lunch, and he was walking the opposite direction, and I waved, and he called out, joking, "Why don't you get married and change your last name so I can finally pronounce it?" (Like I said, quirky.) To which my response was to hold up my left hand, since I had gotten engaged only a week earlier. His eyes got very wide, and he gave me a congratulatory hug, and then told me that his wife had passed away from a long battle with cancer.... a week earlier. When I asked him why he was already back at work, he said he didn't know what else to do. And then he looked at me very seriously, and said "My best marriage advice for you is to never, ever put off what you want to do. No matter how good the excuses seem, or how little money you have, or how practical it would be to wait- don't wait. Travel, move, experience new things together, and do them right away. Don't ever put these things off. Promise me."

right. so i should e-mail this rightaway to my hubby so that he would not object to an expensive spa get-away. will let you know of the outcome. ... my heart wanders. heh.

{via everything fab}