the assymetrical neckline is in huney!

I never knew it was this hard deciding on a wedding dress. I gave myself a deadline and its tomorrow! I do not want an over-the-top dress as I fear not being able to carry it off, so a classic tube dress is a safe choice. Safe, but to make it a little unique i am considering an asymmetrical neckline. Coco Kelly's Spring Bridal Fashion for 2010 just reinforced my decision. {romona keveza}
So what jewellery would go with it?



I would go a gorgeous, dangly earring...and that's it. Beautiful!


do it!!! loving the asymmetrical shape right now. i have a wedding in two weeks, and i'm wearing a black asymmetrical dress. a simple but bold dangly (think angelina jolie's oscar gems) is what i'm going to pair with it.


This is a gorgeous and amazing dress!
Simple earrings, no necklace and a bling-bling bracelet :-)