Wishin' for a wish tree.

*hyperventilate* i stumbled on iDiY, that contains free downloads / tons of ideas for inexpensive wedding ideas. There are SO many blog entries that I am thrilled with that I didn't know what to pick to feature here. I decided to go for this wish tree, that takes the place of a traditional guest book. What an amazing idea!

Why I love it?
1. An unusual idea - All the weddings I've been to had guest books, how many had somethin' similar? None. Maybe it's just Singapore or maybe I have un-creative friends. Haha! Woops.
2. It makes a gorgeous reception entrance centrepiece.
3. No need to 'top-up' floral costs.
4. Xmas is coming so I can keep an eye on post-holiday clearances.
{Link: All images from iDIY}