What a Girl Wants

I have been spending quite a bit of time on the internet to gather information wrt. my upcoming wedding next September. I can't believe this is happening and we're very excited! But, the more research I do (yes, I. My fiance just wants to turn up on the day of the wedding in his tux. Period.), the more I feel that it's just hard to have a simple yet meaningful wedding in Singapore. I mean, we don't exactly have a backyard that can be transformed into a gorgeous reception area. A practical person will take up the bridal package that includes at least two made-to-measure gowns, a make-up artist, photographer, rented car with a chauffeur & crystal jewellery or a reception package that includes food, decor (*note* default flowers: roses), fake 3-5 tier wedding cake *sweat* (a real one? gotta top-up dude!), teddy bear favors *feel faint*, standard invites (probably 2/3 of Singaporeans have the same wedding invites), complimentary wine (*note* probably the cheapest), tiger beer (what if we want Brewerkz? gotta top-up dude!) as it is cheaper than going ala-carte. But we are just reluctant to do so and in the process of sourcing for the essentials from various vendors as well as look for areas where we can save and still be "us". This blog is all about the design and execution of a wedding that is very "us" where the bare bones of tradition get dressed up in our own personal style *hopefully* without the help of a wedding planner. I love how weddings overseas seem so detailed. So! I will be compiling stuff and ideas that appeal to us so that we will have some direction when the time comes for us to make decisions.