"Women are looking for brands to join, not just to buy." - Faith Popcorn

Because generally women have spending power now, we do not hesitate to pay more to satisfy our inner needs. We do not hesitate to pay more for that brand of peppermint foot rub lotion because of its brand's campaigns on domestic violence or ethical treatment of animals. We have a soft spot for brands that awards women who struggle to make a difference to mankind. We wouldn't mind buying Dove's firming lotion because it brought forward real women who are just like you and me. They tell you life's about living. So, who cares if the firming lotion works or not? Faith Popcorn, a marketing guru said that women look for brands to join, not just to buy. Many brands, which have products bought by women, offer a fantasy element. They have messages. While men brands offer an extension of the public self, women brands offer mediation for the private self. She has come a long way to have her place in the world. She battles career and when she's home, her maternal instincts take over in caring for her children or cooking a warm meal for her family. She wants to make a contribution for everyone else in the world. She leads multi-lives. Brands that recognise her inner battles, win her over. She feels satisfied she has made a little contribution for women imprisoned by domestic violence while buying a lipstick to be beautiful for the world she faces everyday.



That's fascinating, I'd never considered that aspect of marketing. But it sounds correct, and insightful.


yeah, and we just love to pamper ourselves. *lol*

love the picture!


guess what i left my job #scream# so we can go dancing anytime babe anytime. everydays a sunday for me now, and every night is saturday night


u left ur job? HAHAHAHAHAHA! guess what, i'm about to leave mine too. HAHAHAHA! *high 5*