The Third Place

I love consistenly good coffee anytime. Starbucks' Mocha Valencia gets my vote. It's orgasmic. Chocolate orange heaven. Warm mocha, bitter chocolate with a sprinkle of zesty orange flavour. This ad guy from Bates was the guest lecturer for our most recent lecture. He gave Starbuck's a brief mention. It sold not just coffee he said, but a lifestyle. So Starbucks was marketed as "The Third Place". It goes like this. Home is the "first", Work is "second" and because a mug of coffee buys you unlimited time, Starbucks is "the third". Clever! i'd say. Mr Bates is also a PC illiterate. The projector was Mac incompatible so all his slides were a mess. He was unequiped yet engaging.



engaging indeed, esp the parting shot about shampoo & conditioner scams.


..and tasting pineapples. hahaha!


ok it sounds really good this mocha thingy - i really wish i could relate to it. but honestly i cant. hahahah

ill stick to my boring ol coke with ice.