Just last night, I was trying to explain to G how bleah and unfulfilled I'm feeling and while explaining, I myself was trying to figure out what I really want to do. This explains why I have changed a number of jobs as well. I have so many interests eg. typography/graphic design/drawing/interior decorating/dealing with people and so on. I think Whitney pretty much sums up what I really am feeling and thinking. "... I struggled with what my true single calling was. I leaned toward Design school but was not too shabby in my science courses ... Post college, I have friends who have their charted path: law school, med school, graphic designer, the banking world...but I've never seemed to find my single direction ... ... In normal life, one's supposed to go college, receive a degree, pursue a job or advanced degree, maneuver their life through the career they've chosen and retire at the appropriate age, in just enough time to do all the other things they were interested when they were young. Whoa, why the wait? I get the whole financial security side of it (well sort of, look at the world today), but that path seems tiring and uninspiring to me."

{image via Once Wed}

At least I know I'm not the only one floating around.